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IT is a stream that can positively change one’s destiny. There is no dearth of job option for IT qualified student. IT offers the best salary package. There are various IT courses to do after the 12th.

The multiple gates open for a student who had just completed his/her 12th board exam. Students are always confused between the courses to do after 12th.

Done with your boards! Now, what after your boards? Which course do you want to opt-in IT? Which IT course to do after 12th?
Are some questions which disturb every board pass-outs, who wants to pursue his/her career in IT courses. Moreover, if you are thinking to opt for one of the IT courses to do after the 12th then you are on the right track. IT courses offer one of the best packages and career.

We all know that the Future is Technology And if you have an interest in IT courses then you should pursue these IT courses after 12th.

In India, IT courses after 12th are available in various formats. Students who have passed 12th are eligible to pursue these courses. Some IT courses to do after 12th are “ Certificate courses, Vocational courses, Diploma courses, and Bachelor’s Degree courses” these all above courses are UG (undergraduate) level courses.

List Of IT Courses To Do After 12th
Courses for Bachelor’s Degree and a little information about the courses to do after 12th are as follow:

1. B.E and B.Tech. in Information Technology:


This IT course is more beneficial to the students who have an interest in web and internet technology, database management should pursue this course. This course is of 4 years and this 4 years duration is divided into 8 semesters.

2. B.E or B.Tech. in Information and Communication Technology:

B.E or B.Tech. in Information Communion is 4-years long academic course divided into 8 semesters.

3. B.E and B.Tech. in Information Security:

B.E and B.Tech in Information Security is a 4-years long academic course divided into 8 semesters.

4. BCA (Bachelor’s of Computer Application):

If you have an interest in computer science and programming then this course is suitable for you. It is an alternative to traditional computer science Engineering program. This course encompasses programming languages like c and c++. Technically it is a computer pedagogy program. BCA is a 3year course distributed into 6 semesters.

5. BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology):


BIT course caravans students to manage, design, test, formulate and operate information policies. BIT intends to train learners about IT and turn them out as skilled IT professionals. It is a 3-years course distributed into 6 semesters.

6. B.Sc. IT:

It stands for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. B.Sc. IT revolves around aspects of networks, OS, relevant software, database management, data sets, hardware, programming, information security, and many more. B.Sc. IT is 3 years long undergraduate program divided into 6 semesters.

7. Integrated (B.E./B.Tech. + M.E./M.Tech.) Computer Engineering:

This integrated computer engineering course is 5-years long academic course.
 BBA in IT: BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is a general management program. To manage and operate IT systems, IT skilled managers are almost BBA qualified. This course turns a student into a professional IT manager.

The aim of BBA in It Course is to train students in Fundamentals of IT, IT systems, HR Management, Project Management, E-Commerce, Technology Management. BBA is 3 years long course divided into 6 semesters.

8. BA (IT):


BA (IT) is 3 years long academic program divided into 6 semesters.

9. B.Com. (IT):

B.Com. is 3 years long academic course divided into 6 semesters? These are some IT courses to do after the 12th. Eligibility criteria for all the IT courses after 12th mentioned above is that the student must have passed his/her 12th class with physics and maths subjects from a recognized board. If the student wants to opt for courses like BBA, BA, B.Com then he/she can be from any stream ( Arts, Commerce, Science)

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Diploma Courses to do after 12th :

1. Diploma in Information Technology
2. Diploma in IT and Networking
3. Diploma in Information Science

Diploma courses are mostly 3 years long. 10th and 12th passed out students are eligible for Diploma Engineering Courses. Diploma courses are quite popular these days. After completing this course one can easily bag a job. So if you have an interest in Diploma courses then you must opt these courses after 12th or 10th.

Career Prospective of this IT Courses
Everyone knows that the future is technology. So if you are confused between IT courses to do after 12th then you must select one of them according to your interest. It is common to see IT graduates migrate to IT hubs such as Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Kochi, Chennai, and Hyderabad.


Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree courses provide better career prospects and job. The jobs they may get after these courses are Web Developer and Designer, Data Security Office, Database Manager, Software Developer, Information Technology Engineer.

This little knowledge of the IT courses will help you to opt for any one of the above course after 12th.





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