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I know how hard it is for you and it killed you from inside when you got to know the truth. Whether it happened a week ago, a month ago or may be few years ago but the pain is still alive somewhere around the corner. You  loved him and you thought that he also did but he proved you wrong. You thought that your relationship was perfect and everything was going good. You  felt like that you were on the edge of something beautiful but were not aware about the things he was doing behind your back. You made him your life, you shared everything with him. You lied to your parents , started seeing your friends less. You stopped talking to many people because he didn’t like it. You actually stopped hanging out with your boy best friend because he felt that there was something between you two. You moved to a new city just to be with him. You almost change your lifestyle just to be a part of his life. Now would you answer me , what he gave you in return? Tears, anxiety, hopelessness, feeling of being alone . HE CHEATED on you. Do you really deserve all that ? No ,you don’t.  All the promises he made to you and stuff he said to you, was  not only meant for you. There was SHE who was also getting played on. And I know it killed you from inside when you got to know that. Maybe he would cheat her too or maybe they would end up getting married.  All the dreams that you dreamt got ruined in a second. He had something in his mind and he didn’t find any way to tell you so he ended up choosing it. You trusted him blindly and he just broke you apart.

1. You felt everything was about to end

The day he left, you found yourself standing on the mid of a road unaware of in which direction to go. You went through all the pictures and your old conversation. You called him and all the blue ticks and no replies were enough to make you realize that he has moved on. You wanted to run away and escape the reality. You felt like you have lost everything in life. But do not forget that you have your parents and your friends who love you unconditionally. This one guy cannot determine what you deserve or what you are.  It is not the end of the world, life has a lot to give you. Beautiful things are waiting for you, its just that they take some time. Remember when Gus said, “This world is not a wish granting factory”.

2. Don’t blame yourself

The insecure person inside you wakes up suddenly from nowhere and starts telling you that you are not pretty enough ,  not hot enough to make him stay. You are not his type of person maybe you embarrassed him in front of others and many other nonsense thoughts that actually underestimated you. First of all don’t feel like it happened because of you. You gave everything it needed but he didn’t match up to you. Don’t compare yourself with other girls. He may have found someone better than you but he will never find someone like you. Don’t call yourself ugly because of that a**hole. When JAMES BLUNT has said that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL then you don’t need someone else to tell you that you are not.

3. You have been on the emotional roller coaster

I know how your life changed when it ended. You went through those sleepless nights. Only your pillow knew how hard it was for you. You cried but no one heard you.  You wanted him to come back and see how it is killing you but he didn’t.I am not saying that don’t cry. It is good to cry it out. Cry as much as you want to .Let your emotions flow out.  Give yourself some time but don’t make y
ourself lonely. Write it down or talk to someone you trust and believe me you will feel good.

4. You are a strong girl

Yes, you are a strong girl . The girl who stood the storm and went through  the fire. The girl who fought every difficult situation that tried to break her down.  It takes something extra-ordinary to love a girl like you and that guy probably didn’t had that in him. So, you have not lost anything precious. You have actually cut the crap out of your life. It is good that you got saved from this unhealthy relationship.

5. Do not hate that girl

When you came to know that he cheated on you. I know you cursed that girl for stealing him. But you know real man can never be stolen, they stay loyal to their one and only lady. Actually you should be thankful to her that she brought you out of the darkness and let the sun shine upon you. Because of her only you understood that you have been wasting your love and precious time on a wrong guy. Just wish that she end up getting married to him instead of being cheated on.

6. All men are not same

After all this you some where stopped believing that love exist. You went through all those things that forced you to doubt on the concept of love and relationship. I don’t know why we say that all men are same. It is
not justified to jugde everyone on the basis of what you experienced with one person. I am not saying trust everyone but be intelligent enough to find out that right one in the crowd of thousands. You have to kiss thousands of frog before meeting your Prince Charming.

7. Every relationship has a purpose

Every person we have in our life has something to teach us. Every relationship whether it lasts or not ,it teaches you something that becomes a stepping stone in your life. Make him your past , don’t live him anymore. I am sure that you have learned a lot from this failed relationship.  Make these experiences and lessons your weapon not your weakness.

By- Ekta Yadav



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