Tally. ERP9 is one of the most commonly used accounting software in Indian enterprises. It is the best software for business management solutions with a good deal of functionality and customisation. The software is consistently updated to analyse and maintain your data seamlessly.

Tally Accounting Vouchers aid you in better maintenance of records of all financial transactions. Many different types of voucher in Tally with shortcut keys make it easier to create and modify the document quickly. You can simply keep a track of basic business documenting functions such as accounting, inventory, sales, costing, manufacturing along with compliance capacities for TDS, TCS and GST as well. To know more about sales entry in tally click here.

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Steps To Create a Sales Invoice in Tally ERP

Sales are classified into two categories

  • Local sales (cgst and sgst is applied)
  • Interstate sales (igst is applied)

Prior to making any sales invoice in Tally, you need to create a ledger in relation to the sale. The ledger must be filled with relevant information and titled as

  • Item Name
  • Party Account
  • Local Sales
  • CGST
  • SGST
  • Interstate Sales
  • IGST

Under the title ‘Party Account’ you must indicate whether the party is a consumer, composite, registered or unregistered dealer.

Here are the steps to create a sales invoice in Tally.ERP 9 for GST

  1. Click on Gateway of Tally.
  2. Go to Accounting Vouchers. Select F8 Sales. Write the bill number for the invoice number.
  3. Write the party ledger or cash ledger for the Party A/c name column.
  4. Mention the applicable sales ledger. In case of a local sale, select Sales for Local Taxable Sales. For interstate sales, select Sales Ledger for Interstate Sales.
  5. Choose the required items. Add the price and quantity.
  6. Pick central/state tax ledger for local sales. For interstate sales, pick Integrated Tax Ledger.
  7. Click F12 for adding more details such as delivery note number or buyer’s order number.


Steps to view your GST details

The steps to view your GST details are given below.

  1. Click on A: Tax Analysis.
  2. Click F1 to view the break-up of the taxes.
  3. Click Alt+P to print the sales invoice in format.
  4. Click Alt+P and Alt+C to make multiple copies.


  • Tally ensures smooth calculations without any mistakes making accounting simpler.
  • Tally guarantees all compliances and norms on GST to be carried out such as simple tax return filing, profit-loss statements, etc.
  • Tally brings together all global branches without making any calculation mistakes warranting global uniformity.
  • Tally has great security and remote quick data access with a unique ID and password. The data once entered cannot be tampered with.
  • All files related to billing, invoices, receipts and vouchers can be retrieved easily.




Tally ERP has simple steps and great advantages. You can maintain your sales invoices by creating ledgers and types of vouchers in Tally with a shortcut key. Small businesses prefer to use this software since it is budget-friendly and saves time. Tally carries out smooth monetary transactions and regular audits of companies making it a great audit tool.





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