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Delhi University , one of the most prestigious and dignified university of the nation. Every year thousands of student from all over the world apply to get enrolled and only some of them are lucky enough to make it. Getting enrolled in one of the college of DU is almost like a dream come true.  DU has its own aura. There are many things that make DU different from other universities.  I as a student of DU feel blessed to be a part of it and I know you all feel the same. There are many things that we get to learn only at DU and no where else. There are so many things that this university has taught me but my words won’t be enough to explain that.

1. Unity in Diversity

Delhi University is just not a university . It is a blend of Indian cultures and traditions. We all know that  there are more than 60 colleges under DU and each college has a crowd of thousand of students who come from different backgrounds. Students here come from each and every corner of the country . From Delhi to Sikkim , I came in acquaintance with so many friends from different states. When you come here  you get to see the different color of your country. The north eastern people who feel dejected from their own country start feeling a part of it when they come here. They finally understand that we all are same . I am thankful to DU that made me see the different colors of my own country.

2.You grow as individual not only as a student

As a school student we always thought that marks are everything that matter. Life almost revolved around securing good percentage. As I got into DU I understood that life is more than securing good marks and being a obedient student. DU colleges have ample of societies that offer students to showcase their talent and creativity. Theater, music, dance, social organization, photography and many more  . Many of the ex –DUite actually turned their hobbies into their profession and all because of the opportunities that these societies gave them and made them choose the right profession for them. Thank you DU for teaching us that our future does  not lie only  within the  books.

3.Surround yourself with Great People

We all wanted to get into the best colleges of DU. North campus is actually everyone’s first choice but not everyone is lucky enough to live that dream. . I am not a part of north campus but still I am happy with my college. Actually it is not about in which college you get enrolled. It is about the kind of people you are with. College life is best enjoyed when you have great friends. South campus or Off campus , feel blessed if you have great people around you.

4. My Individual Power

Elections are the major part of DU. Every year we choose our leaders on whom we trust. It  is here where we  get to know about the politics and election. College elections made us realize that what   change  our individual power and rights can really bring. It is from the college elections only that we understand how important it is to choose the right candidate whether for college election or national.

5.To maintain Peace & Calm while you are on the edge of it

Duites are free and independent. I have become more independent and responsible from the day I joined college. Many of us have to cover a large distance to reach our college through public transport and that’s what make you more independent and responsible. Student from out station experience another phase of life as they have to manage everything on their own. We even learned to raise our voice against the wrong.

Assignments , internals , exams we never prepare for them. We actually start studying a day before the exam. Assignments and internals everything just fall at one time .One night is enough for us to make it happen.  Without any doubt we are actually able to do everything perfectly even when we are running out of time. All these helps us to learn how to  work under the pressure and face any obstacle. Thank you DU for teaching me to do everything in the best minimum time.

This university has taught me so many things and these were just few of them. I am a proud DUite.  I know you feel the same.

By- Ekta Yadav



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