Ever Since Tinder Launched in India, it has been a buzz among the new generation, and it’s not uncommon to hear some truly weird or some really memorable date stories from one guy in every group these days.

But still these days, most guys find it hard to even get matched on tinder let alone real dates.

Even Prayag Kumar, a guy from Delhi thought the same when he was getting NO MATCHES even after weeks of constant right swiping on the App.

However, after months on experimentations with Tinder, Prayag found out that the success on Tinder has not much to do with looks, but rather how well you optimize your profile and Leverage Tinder’s Algorithm.

And Prayag’s Tinder screen proves it.

Delhi guy gets 164 matches in 5 days

In our conversation with Prayag, he said
“Girls get 100+ right swipes on their profile within 1 hour of creating the profile. There’s a real storm of Competition on Tinder.

Guys usually are unaware of How Tinder ranks their profile. Once you catch that Algorithm, you can actually Leverage it to get more matches.

Your profile rank surely depends upon your Swiping Style and frequency, which I’ll tell how to Optimize in my E-book (Link Below).

That said, even if they get matches, they don’t have a sure-shot conversation structure to convert them into dates. Pertaining to it’s importance, I’ve also covered this in the book”

Prayag has been teaching his success tactics for converting matches into dates since past few months through his course, which has been well reviewed.

Recently , he has Even launched a pocket friendly E-book that teaches many eye-openers which took him from 0 to 164 matches within 5 days, be it Tinder’s Algorithm, or Optimizing the profile pictures, Bio, etc. You can view his E-book here.


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