11 Things You Must Do At Your College Farewell


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How to make your College Farewell Awesome!

Welcome to the college farewell preparation week. The photo day has been celebrated. Everybody wore tops of the same color and clicked a lot of group pictures. Also, white shirts have been painted red, pink, blue, green all with different markers, handwriting, and love on the occasion of Scribble day. Now follows your final calling, the farewell… What shouldn’t you miss doing?

1. The Perfect Dress

This is the final day to look outstanding. Do not settle. Screen all those shops or boutiques you love and dress absolutely the way you desire on this day. Different saree draping styles include Nivi, Bengali, twisted pallu, modern Gujarati etc. Different suit variants for guys include the complete three pieces or the simple two pieces style. And matching that look with a neat bow or tie will do the trick. Discover the ‘so MANY’ options. It all depends on how you want your juniors to describe you later! Farewell is never coming back.

2. The Photo Proofing

It goes without saying; one must get clicked- On every water cooler where you and your squad hung out for lecture bunks, or maybe the college gate you hardly saw, or at the famous office where you are often asked to return later and then obviously, at the CANTEEN! Get clicked at the famous statue or hut your college may house and most importantly in the era of social posting; do not miss the solo pictures.

3. That final dance performance

It is pretty natural for juniors to give dance performances for seniors on the latter’s farewell. But, even you are allowed to dance, sadly for one last time! So do not miss this chance, take out some time; prepare a neat 3-minute routine and display your bond via a finely choreographed dance at your farewell.

4. Perhaps, a presentation?

Can’t dance? Collect a lot of pictures of yours and your classmates and you can even include your teachers in the collage. Next, shuffle them in a 3-5 minute video and add nice background music. One may argue that this is an old idea but traditions hold their own unmatched, unique, untouched magic making them often irreplaceable. Putting it simply, some things never go out of style.

5. Safekeeping the title

Keep the title safe with you. Someday you would want to go down the memory lane and how the department saw you would matter. Save the titles as mementos forever.


6. Convocation Gowns

Wearing convocation gowns and having group photos clicked is a fairly uncommon idea, yet a unique one. What could better symbolize the completion of your graduation compared to the convocation gown itself?  Tip: Rent them for a day!

7. Toss those caps

Now if you are wearing those convocation gowns, you need caps to complete the attire. And if you aren’t interested in the gowns, at the very least keep the caps; many people even purchase them. But what remains common is that famous picture wherein everybody tosses off their caps!

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8. The farewell speech

Nothing concludes anything better than words! Prepare a pretty cool speech including all kinds of memories and dedicated dialogues. Recite it on the final day for this is the only day when nobody minds long speeches. In fact, they are loved when are totally relatable.

9. The After Party

The COUNTY! The After Party!! It’s simply about being greedy! The farewell at schools or colleges is often limited in a tight schedule and lasts only a few hours. But from our first point, we have put in a lot of efforts to dress up, no? Furthermore, it’s our last day. We simply can’t let it end too soon. Hence, hogs the limelight- the concept of after party. Lounges are pre-booked with the help of money everybody contributes. On the final day, simply head to your booked destination- dance your tears off and eat your tummy full!

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10. ‘Pal Yaadaenge ye pal’

This has got to be the last song! Listening to this three-minute song with your friends will bring back all those three or four years- those fights, hangouts, bunks, boring lectures, cheating methodologies, hugs, and this list could never end. Farewell is incomplete if you didn’t get emotional with this song.

11. Stay in Touch

Make those promises. Ritualize your meetings. Promise to meet your friends at least once a week/month and stick by this promise.

~ Divya Singal for DU Updates



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