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H1B visa is a kind of visa implemented in the United States that allows the U.S. employers to temporarily hire foreign workers on the basis of their specialized fields. For this, foreign workers need the application of their specialized knowledge and a bachelor’s degree or anything that is worth equivalent according to their specialized work.

The President of the United States of America has decided to terminate all H1B visa that has put much pressure on the immigrants to think about their study and job plans. The major impact of this decision has put on those persons who were planning to come to the US on H1-B, H2-B, L visas. There are many employees who were planning to go on-site to the US. The specialized companies that make sure to send their employee to the US to their client’s sites. Those companies who rely upon the country now has to face many problems. Many employees from IT companies in India go to the US. So, this decision will affect those companies and other employees too.


But there are some people too who will not be affected by this decision. There are many people who are already in the US who are H1B holders and have a valid visa. Many students are planning to go to the US for further studies. This decision is not implemented on those students. It does not affect those students who are working on Optional Practical Training and hold an F1 visa. H1B visa is banned on June 24 and will remain suspended in 2020, until it is further extended. Students will not be affected by this decision of banning the H1B visa. This is not a problem for the coming batch 2020 or fall 2020 or spring 2021 or fall 2021. Students will be graduating only two years later. There are very high chances that this order will be changed or ended before 2020.

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This is just a temporary order, not a permanent one. One positive aspect of this order is that when the order will consulate, it will reduce much load on the students and allow more students to get a student visa. This order brings up some positive news for all the students who are looking for a job post their education. Their status will change from F to OPT to H1. This suspension will not affect those students. Demand for students on OPT will increase. If no new H1B candidates will come in the US, it will increase the opportunities for those candidates who will change their states to OPT.


International students will get many benefits in the supply of work as there will be more tech jobs with limited talent. This order is an executive order which is temporary and is signed by the President. A legislative process is needed for such decisions on immigrants. This executive order is not permitting H1 candidates from other countries. It is not affecting those students who are graduate and go for employment. Some people are predicting that when this executive order or banning H1N would end, it will be on the basis of merit. This will again benefit International students who later would apply for H1.


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