In order to enable barrier-free, fast and reliable communication among people, 5G has to meet the challenge of designing new products as well as competing with the competitor’s innovations. In order to meet the challenge of reduction in energy consumption, 5G requires low latency and strategies to cover at a reasonable cost.

With the development of networks and their applications around the world, the key strategy to develop the 5G products innovatively will be the simulation of antennas.

What is the concept of the 5G RF Planning Course?

5G planning will include the New Radio (NR) planning which is able to provide higher capacity and data rates with the aid of high-frequency bands, especially which are new. This course will provide you with a detailed explanation of planning with the help of different traffic and propagation models needed for the planning process.

It will also cover the accurate site planning as well as the characteristics of automatic cell planning. This is a certified course that one will receive after completion of the course.

What Will You Get to Learn After the Completion of RF communication theory?

  • They will learn how to plan 5G New Radio.
  • Able to analyse and understand case studies.
  • Analyse the 5G coverage.
  • Prediction of 3D coverage.
  • One would be able to showcase a demonstration of 5G planning.
  • Would be able to help in the integration of GIS and building of models.
  • Learning how to plan an NR network.
  • Scheduling Process and RRM.
  • An individual would be able to acquire new skills in

For Whom This Course is For?

  • One who wants to learn about network planning.
  • For the Radio Planning engineers.
  • The engineers who have an experience in RF planning.
  • For those who are interested in it.
  • For those who wants to maximize their skills further.
  • And lastly, for those who want to gain work experience.

Telecom-certified 5G planning

With this certified 5G planning expert, one who is learning will gain the ability to perform in a systematic and efficient manner. This certification course will help you gain expertise and learn new skills that would be recognised worldwide. These certifications and skills will help the learners gain confidence which will set them apart from their competitors.

What is Radio Frequency Communication?

This theory covers the aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum and has been there for many years. It covers a wide range of technology that is meant for its uses and needs. This concept has been advancing with a proper growth rate, and this has an impact on our everyday life. This system of wireless communication is gaining popularity among the youngsters, and it has been the fastest-growing compared to the other communication industries. Based on its usage, it has now been preferred by many.


In the near future, 5G would be able to connect nearly 100 billion users. Once learning this course will surely be able to deliver good quality work by learning new skills from these certified courses. Surely, the 5G planning course will be able to provide the learners with good job opportunities.




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