The Entrepreneurship Cell of Hindu College successfully pulled off their annual flagship event, the Hindu Entrepreneurship Summit 2021 which was held on the 24th and 25th of April.

Since 2017, E-Cell Hindu has made it their relentless goal to bring like-minded people together to work towards greatness and achieve new pinnacles. The Hindu Entrepreneurship Summit consisted of a series of events to promote the culture of entrepreneurship by providing multiple platforms to budding entrepreneurs where they could improve upon their business models, get mentorship by successful entrepreneurs, interact with investors and groom their entrepreneurship skills.

These included three main events- ‘Case Casket’, a real-life case study competition, ‘Novus Optima’, a B-Plan competition, and ‘SiliConvention’, an online panel discussion with experts from the startup ecosystem. Through this auspicious event, E-cell provided a learning platform to the participants and attendees and demonstrated how multi-faceted entrepreneurship is.

With over 1300 registrations for the events and prizes worth 72.5 lakh(including cash), this online summit proved to be a great success. The sponsors for the summit included DU Updates, Startupwize, Fest updates, Finalrevise, Blue-leaves Community, Dropout Dudes, DU Vibes, DU Reporter, Fingpay (Case Study Partner), DU Express, GPODS, Finlatics, Tarun IAS, Carbloy, BigB, Skillarena and Cityfurnish (Case Study Partner).

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The insights

The summit kickstarted with a keynote session by Dr. Himanshu Rai, the director at IIM Indore, on the 24th of April. With over 150 attendees, including a host of industry leaders, this 1-hour session was extremely insightful and enlightening. After an enriching opening ceremony, the first day entailed the second round of ‘Novus Optima’ – the B-Plan competition and the declaration of the finalists for ‘Case Casket’ – the real-life case study competition.

Unlike other case study competitions, Case Casket was a comprehensive, multi-round real-life case study competition where teams were judged based on their business acumen, research skills, and problem-solving ability. This event, having garnered over 540+ registrations, was a 6-day event with a cash prize of Rs.12,000 and various other opportunities. The case for round 1 was based on ‘Cityfurnish’, an emerging company in the furniture e-commerce space. Based on the submissions received, 30 teams were shortlisted for the second round. These shortlisted teams had to send in their solutions for a case based on ‘Fingpay’, a company introducing innovations in the Fintech sector. The top 6 teams were chosen from the lot and were required to present their solutions on the 25th of April to a panel consisting of Dr. Abhiram Singamsetti (Co-founder, Startupwize), Apala Majumdar (Global Controller, Room to Read), Saurabh Jain (Founder- Fun2Do Labs, Ex-Vp- Paytm) and Manoj Tolani (Senior Vice-President, Fingpay).

Novus Optima, with over 550 registrations, was a 3-day event wherein teams had to engage in multiple challenging rounds which included a total cash prize of Rs.12,000 and a variety of other awards. The preliminary round and Round 1 were quizzes, with 30 teams qualifying after the prelims and the top 6 teams after round 1, both held on the 23rd of April. These two rounds sought to find the right teams with qualities an entrepreneur must possess- logical reasoning, data interpretation, analysis, and awareness about the startup space and recent events. The second round commenced with the teams bidding on, strategizing, and collating resources that played an eminent role in their business plans. During round 3, conducted on the 25th of April, the teams had to present their solutions in front of a stellar panel of entrepreneurs and industry experts, which included Ajay Mian (Founder, All E Technologies Ltd), Karteek Pulapaka (Founding partner, Java Capital) and Ninad Karpe (Partner, 100X. Venture Capital).

The last event, SiliConvention, was a virtual panel discussion scheduled on the 25th of April. This conference turned out to be a platform for refining thoughts on the topic ‘Can a better ease of doing business in India facilitate entrepreneurship into becoming more financially vogue?’. The team had invited four renowned panelists from diverse backgrounds – Gagan Arora (CEO, Vertex Global Services), Saket Kumar(General Manager, Reserve Bank of India), Ritesh Jain (CEO,, and Priyanka Madnani (Founder, Easy To Pitch). They were complemented by a masterful and proficient moderation by Smriti Tomar (CEO, Stack Finance).

HES 2021 was terminated with a soulful medley by the talented singer Ritvik that gained attendance of 80+ listeners. The feedback given by the participants and attendees attests to the success of this two-day summit which was full of challenges, illuminating experiences, and many enlightening takeaways!



“It was an enjoyable yet enriching experience! The event was very well designed. The instructions were laid out and explained perfectly. Kudos to your team!” – Participant

“I think overall the event was very good! It was comprehensive, dynamic, and covered a lot of aspects that were quite related to real-time business scenarios and hence made our investment of time and effort worth it. Ergo thank you for the event. Kudos to the E-Cell team of Hindu college” – Participant

“A thought-provoking discussion with new ideas about the ease of doing business and its relevance” – Panellist

“Extremely well-managed event with knowledgeable judges and a creative case” – Participant

“Happy and satisfied with the take of the teams on the case. The solutions are really helpful to us” – Fingpay Executive

Overall, the Hindu Entrepreneurship Summit, 2021 brought out the best and worthy enough to be declared a mega-successful event.





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