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Teachers are important part of our learning. They teach us how to climb the ladder of success and that’s why today, at whichever stage we are, the credit goes to those hard working and determined teachers. However, not every teacher is same and so we give some innovative nick names to them that they will never come to know.  Here are 6 types of teacher that you encounter in your college life.

1. The passionate one

They are the one who remain highly motivated to teach you and leave no opportunity to inspire you. They either recite their own inspiring stories or of some other successful person but ensure to generate your interest in their subject. They themselves come with high energy and in fact ignite some energy in the dull, asleep class so that every student is attentive. The atmosphere gets filled with positive vibes as soon as they enter in class making every student actually understand the lesson.


2. The monotonous reader

These are the kind of teacher who mostly keep book in front of them and start reading in their leaden voice and style that oftentimes put students to sleep. The scenario of class is that front rows are yawning and trying hard to keep their eyes open and probably last row is asleep without any care. Hardly any word enters in mind of students so they just photocopy nerds’ notes to prepare for exams.

3. Teacher with indifferent attitude

Student like such teachers the most because they will never be concerned either you attend their lecture or not or talk or have lunch sitting at last bench in class. They will never mind. They are the professors who are just waiting for the lecture to get over more than students. Even they never bother to learn your name and always give less amount of work. Since the teacher remain unconcerned, most of students take their subject lightly which can become the reason of backlog in that particular subject.

4. The strict one

‘Strict ones’ are that commanding teacher who will never listen to your excuse though how true it is. They are always organized with their schedule and you cannot afford to skip a single lecture because if you do, next day the earth would appear to be upside down. In their class, the work load increase only and there is no way they will decrease thinking that you have other subject too to learn. Their ultimate goal is to complete syllabus before the deadline though they are also concerned about the thorough understanding of concept by student. Their tests make students squirm and stumble but to be honest there strict nature only make students study and pass the exam.

5.The clueless one

They keep on feeling goosey. The nervousness keep on hovering over their head due to which they sometime get stuck at some concept and students feel the need to correct them. It is all because they lack experience or do not know much about the subject.  They take time to get settle with the new atmosphere. Students should  be patient with such teacher and try to study on their own. Better not to rely on them!

6. Antic teacher

These are the teacher who were born to be comedians. They have ability to crack joke at any point of time may be in the mid of chapter or in the mid of tensed moment like test. They just want to warm up hearts and see smiles on the face of students. Though sometime there jokes are so poor that students find it hard to put that fake smile on face. But still student should smile a bit to let them know their joke was funny as they try very hard to make you comfortable.

7. The Beauty ONE

The hot/neauty teacher is a welcome departure from your boring day of lessons, learning and complete and utter boredom. She seems other-worldly and able to captivate an audience who are almost all concentrating on something educational. Productivity inevitably goes up due to the bewitching effect that the beauty teacher has. Your grades are pretty good for this class. You dream of marrying the hot teacher one day. After all, the age gap is only 10, 15 years?


By Anushikha Chaudhary



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