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In the case of discrimination and placement in Daulat Ram College and Dayal Singh College of Delhi University, the Vice-Chancellor of DU has been summoned by the National Commission for Scheduled Castes. They have been asked for an answer within 15 days.

Actually, these two colleges of DU have different cases. The Commission has sought an answer by raising the issue of discrimination against a female teacher at Daulat Ram College.

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The Commission has sought answers in both the cases, citing the complaint of Chairperson of Social Democratic Teachers, Dr. DK Sagar.

In fact, the principal of Daulat Ram College is severely accused of discriminating against SC teacher Ritu Singh. After the issue came to light, it is being discussed on social media too and #रितु_सिंह_से_भेदभाव_बंद_हो is trending on Twitter

In the same sequence, the National Convenor of Congress Scheduled Castes Department Pradeep Narwal has also raised this matter. He wrote The discrimination that is happening in educational institutions along with Dalit, backward, tribal society is establishing casteism. Today we need to stand with the intellectual class of society.

Former MP and All India Congress Committee spokesperson Udit Raj has also raised the matter. He tweeted, accusing the college principal that he was not allowing Dalit teachers to take classes.

On the other hand, if we talk about other matters, then it belongs to Dayal Singh Evening College. Regarding this too, the National Commission for Scheduled Castes has summoned the report from the VC and asked to give information about the action. It is accused of not joining Assistant Professor to an ST candidate in the English Department.

However, the Principal of Dayal Singh College, Dr. Pawan Sharma says that the whole matter is under the Governing Body. Joining will be available as soon as the approval is given. 60 teachers have not received joining. In its letter dated August 28, the Commission has said that it will take action if it does not respond on time.

Actually, this is not a new case of discrimination against Dalits in government institutions. Earlier too, such a serious case had come up in the prestigious Medical Institute AIIMS of the country.



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