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SWAYAM is an Indian Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform that stands for Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young Aspiring Minds. It is an initiative launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Department, Government of India under Digital India. It is done to provide a platform to free platform courses that would cover advanced education, high school, and skill sector courses. It was launched on 9th July 2017 by the President of India. It is developed collectively by the Ministry of Human Resource Department(MRHD) and All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE) with the help of Microsoft and facilitates various courses. 


There are many students who have a keen interest in the Finance sector. So, especially for those students who want to learn more in relation to the private sector, SWAYAM has introduced a course called Money and Banking.

This course is basically for postgraduate students who want to pursue their carrier in the finance sector. This course is split into 38 modules that would cover some important topics. Those topics include Definition of Money, Theories of Money Supply, Measurement of Money, Role and Functions of Central Bank, Commercial Banks, Financial markets in India, and many more.

It is a free course to access for students. Students can access this online course on the official website introduced by the University Grants Commission(UGC). This initiative of SWAYAM is a part of the Government’s Digital India Mission.

The University Grants Commission has directed universities and colleges so that they would encourage students to have access to these MOOCs offered through the SWAYAM platform during this lockdown. The higher education institutions are also advised by SWAYAM to hold this opportunity for the students. 


There is a list of 82 MOOCs for undergraduate students and postgraduate students which will be introduced by SWAYAM in the month of July. SWAYAM is a platform that provides opportunities for self-actualization and provides ways for a life long learning.

These courses shall be offered by the best of teachers in India and also offers various courses not only for post-graduation students but also for undergraduate and college students.

There are many courses at each level of education to which students can have access to anywhere in the country. These courses are offered are by the best of teachers from all over the nation and most importantly, it is free of cost to the residents of India. 


The main motive of this initiative is to make the arms of education reach out to even the most remote areas pan India. SWAYAM will provide access to the Choice Based Credit Transfer System to all the learners who have taken admission for the course enrolled. 

If the student completes the course and learning of all credits through SWAYAM, he or she would be provided with a post-graduation degree from the University he belongs to. After the completion of one particular course, the learner can have access to any other course of his choice and go for research on that subject. 


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