The railways on Tuesday broadened the suspension of all its passenger trains till May 3 after Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the 5th time in a while imposing the nationwide lockdown till May 3 in view of the coronavirus spread.

Due to the augmentation of national lockdown, all the national and domestic flights have further been suspended till 3 May.

This was compelled after the Indian railways extended the suspension of its administrations considering the extension of nationwide lockdown for another 19 days.

Trains run by Indian railways including Premium trains, Express/Mail trains, Suburban trains, Kolkata Metro rails, Konkan Railway and so forth shall remain shut till the 2400hrs of May 3, 2020.

Further, it has been made clear that no advance booking of train tickets including e-tickets will be permitted until further notification. However, in charge of online cancellation will remain functional.

Due to the cancellation of all the trains, a refund for each one of those train tickets booked online will be initiated by the railways online to the customers. While the railway has extended the date of cancellation of offline booked tickets to avoid the gathering of the crowd near the ticket counters. Those who booked via the offline method, the refund can be taken till 31st July. A full refund will be provided for the tickets booked. The refund will be automatically generated for the tickets booked on the web.

A full refund will be delivered for those canceling the tickets booked in advance for the trains not yet canceled.

All other trains loading merchandise and parcels will continue to run on the tracks to maintain supply to essential goods.

All counters for booking train tickets for reserved/unreserved travel at railway stations as well as outside the railway stations shall remain closed up to the midnight of 3 May 2020.

The flight and train services have been suspended since 22 March 2020. While the cargo flights and freight trains were all the while operating to keep the supply of essential goods running.

Indian flights will remain grounded to bring the stranded Indian citizens abroad.

Airlines have endured the worst exceedingly terrible hit due to the coronavirus epidemic and the across the nation lockdown as the business has reached a severe halt. Many airlines have to shut their services and have likewise requested their employees to take less pay for the time being.

The lockdown has been stretched out to 19 days while the government will review the number of cases following 15 days and conclude whether the transport facility will resume or not.

Once the transport facility starts back again, the authority will ensure strict social distancing standards in trains and prohibiting the allotment of middle births in the trains. Legitimate thermal screening tests of the passengers will be taken.

Indian aviation has likewise made effective plans for post lockdown services. The reporting time of passengers is likely to be extended so that passengers may smoothly carry the screening checkups while keeping up an appropriate distance. The airlines may also take up measures like keeping the middle seat unoccupied.

Services can be resumed after a period of suspension however life cannot be resumed once suspended.

Stay safe!


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