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On Tuesday the Supreme court turned down a plea demanding the CBSE and the Delhi Government to waive the exam fees of the students. This is for the classes 10th and 12th. The petition addressed the issues faced by the families due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The parents are facing financial issues due to the same.

The NGO ‘Social Jurist’ filed the petition in the Supreme Court. The decision comes against the High Court order dated 28th September 2020. Justices R Subhash Reddy, M R Shah, and Ashok Bhushan headed the bench which rejected the plea of the NGO.

The Bench dismissed the petition saying that a court cannot ask the government to do this. The proper representation must be given to the government.

The AAP government and the CBSE are directed by the High Court to treat the PIL as a representation. It asked them to decide within three weeks “in accordance with law, rules, regulations and government policy applicable to the facts of the case”.


The virus has affected the income of the parents. Some have lost their jobs and others to struggling to keep up with their work. They are not even able to afford two meals for their families.

The lawyer who puts forward the plea is Ashok Agarwal. He asked the Centre to waive off the exam fees of 10th and 12th standard students. For the same, the Centre is asked to pay the money from PM Cares Fund.

If done, it would have benefitted 30 lakh students, out of which 3 lakhs are in Delhi. The plea mentioned that the Delhi government can be asked to the same for the Delhi students.
The examination fees were nominal in the previous academic year 2018-19 but in the year 2019-20, it increased multiple times. The move has affected the applicants to a large extent.

The CBSE has demanded exam fees from Rs 1,500 to 1,800 from the Class 10th students and the class 12th students have to pay from a range of Rs 1,500 to 2,400. It depends on the number of subjects, practical and other factors.


The Delhi Government paid the exam fees last year. The 10th and 12th standard students of CBSE benefitted from it. This year, stating financial issues refused to pay the exam fees of the students.

The plea demanded that the Centre must pay the CBSE exam fees from PM Cares Fund or other sources. Or it can direct CBSE to waive off the 2020-21 exam fees.



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