Night mode, celebrity recommendation lists, and the content of War and Peace in infographics. We chose several free assistance reading apps for kids and students that make algebra, chemistry, or English book more accessible in an environment of endless streams of information: they help to concentrate, give additional knowledge and save time.

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Moon + Reader

This application is known for its functionality for personalizing the interface. You can configure almost everything here, including the installation of day and night modes. This will appeal to those for whom the aesthetic side of the issue is important. Moon + Reader sites save time due to features such as creating notes and bookmarks for access to read and a built-in dictionary with which you can quickly find out the meaning of an unfamiliar word. A warning about a long reading is set up in the application, which will remind you of the need to pause so as not to harm your health. You can set the warning signal yourself if, for example, you get to work early and the new book is too exciting.


The app is perfect for learning foreign languages ​​and will appeal to those who, in addition to works of art, like reading magazines, newspapers, and comics. The Nook library contains 4 million listed items, for unfamiliar words there is a dictionary. The application also has a convenient search so that you can quickly find a specific place in a book or magazine.


The advantage of the application is in its maximum social component. It allows you to add other users as friends and follow their list of books, as well as share what you read on social networks. To facilitate the selection of the next book, you can use the lists of recommendations compiled by the editors, friends, or famous people. If you read from several electronic devices – a phone, a tablet, a computer – then you won’t have to spend time looking for a place in the book where you left off. Your account will be synced across all devices. mathematics ehelp service will give you a solver for the answers and any other assignment help. To find the home helper websites with a tutor, type ‘help with homework tutoring services to help me with my assignments’.

Some Tips on Speed Reading

Peripheral Reading

Peripheral vision is one of the major tools for pace comprehension. It occurs in the peripheral regions of the retina, allowing them to see and perceive a word or even a complete line instead of several letters.

The usual way to work with the Schulte table is to train peripheral vision. This table is a 25- square field: five vertically, five horizontally. In addition, from 1 to 25 in a random order, a number is inserted in every square. The duty of the student is to always locate all the numbers in the order up or down when studying the central square exclusively.


Focus on Attention

Fast reading requires a high level of focus. There are several exercises to develop and not read texts superficially. You may, for instance, use a sheet that prints color names in a color font but confuses the reader. In red letters the word ‘yellow’ appears, in blue ‘red,’ etc.. For preparation, you have to call the color of the ink, not the word on the board, so it’s hard at first.

Also you can learn to increase focus when you read: read the words in the text only. It’s important to calculate solely in your mind, without using your fingers, tapping your feet, etc. You have to stop and check yourself after two or three minutes by counting words without reading them. The first findings are different from the other, but the variations between the two are easily reduced with routine training.

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