The University of Delhi issued a notice that students must seek prior permission for holding protests. At the start of April, the varsity released an advisory to students for maintaining law, peace, and order on the college or campus. Moreover, students should focus on upcoming examinations rather than protesting.

Rajni Abbi, Proctor, Delhi University remarked that notice is released after beholding the protest days. Further, she questioned that one of the students told her that protesters are sitting on hunger strike for four days. And, the varsity wasn’t aware of the situation. She asked what they would do if something bad happened to students.

Accordingly, Abbi said that they have made it mandatory for students to obtain permission for holding protests. She added, “We will not reject any permission for conducting a protest. There is a possibility of invasion by outsiders. So, the decision is to provide safety to students. And, we never allow students to destroy varsity property. This is the new point which we haven’t added in the earlier notification.”

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According to the Friday notice, before any gathering, demonstration, or protest in the university, taking prior permission is necessary. However, protests are the legal rights of each individual. Still, permission for holding protests has become necessary.”

Furthermore, “Students who protest must not use violence or demolish any public or university property. If such a thing happens, then the organizers will face strict actions.”

Organizers Should Provide Detail And Take Permission For Holding Protest

Further, the notice stated, “Organizers must provide details of the kind of program they want to hold such as protest, public speech, dharna, rally and more. Also, the name of the college, contact details, course or program name, number of speakers, and approximate number of participants within 24 hours. 

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