Who doesn’t love a cup of freshly brewed coffee, tailored to their taste? While for those of you who enjoy a good cuppa and wouldn’t settle for anything less than a well filtered or brewed flavour, going to cafes or restaurants may throw a shade on your wallet. But we have good news for you.

On October 6, Starbucks stores across India will serve coffee only for Rs 100, taxes included. Not a penny more.

Taking on Twitter to announce the offer on the occasion of International Coffee Week, the company tweeted “Celebrate the love for coffee this International Coffee Week with rich Macchiatos, delicious Cold Brew, super smooth Nitro, Java Chip & much more! We will treat you to any tall beverage of your choice at INR 100 on 6 Oct across all our stores! #Starbucks100 #StarbucksBrewtober”

As a part of the ongoing International Coffee Week, the chain tweeted out previously, saying, “Let us take you around the world in Seven Sips on Oct 1st! This International Coffee Day, walk into your nearest Starbucks & ask our partners to treat you to any of the 7 international whole bean coffees handpicked from 7 different parts of the coffee belt. #StarbucksBrewtober”.

So, are you going to hit a Starbucks store near you and treat yourself to a latte or two, for almost half the price?

~ Preksha Mishra


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