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St. Stephens College of Delhi University has proclaimed that it will charge a penalty of Rs 100 per day from the students who will not vacate the hostel rooms till August 7. The notification from the St Stephens college has increased the tensions of the students. Students while expressing their sadness said that the notice is unjust to them as they are stuck in their homes amid corona.

John Varghese, Principal of St. Stephens said that students are being reminded repeatedly since the start of July regarding the same. He added that they are required to sterilize and sanitize college and hostel premises for the new batch of students. The notice issued on the website has asked students to vacate the hostel by August 7. It further says that students who will not be able to vacate the hostel in stimulate time will be charged Rs 100 per day. The following notice has been issued keeping in mind the ongoing coronavirus condition.

The notification further stated that in the coming days whenever the government will permit to reopen the hostel facility, the luggage and belongings of the students will be moved a week before the date of opening. The college entities will relocate their belongings to facilitate sanitation and cleaning in case students do not collect them before the date issued by the government. The college will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the belongings of the students. The notice was first issued on June 23 which was eased amid coronavirus situation.

A St Stephens hosteller residing in West Bengal said that the college entities are charging double of what they usually charge. He asserted that the notification is unfair to the hostel students. He added that he left the hostel during the mid sem break and did not take all his essentials with him.


The University first announced the mid-sem break till March 15 but later due to coronavirus the colleges were shut. So the students were unable to go back to Delhi to collect their belongings amid lockdown. Rightfully the present situation is not feasible to travel. Students are stuck across the country and a large number of students even reside in the northeast. Usually, the hostel rent is Rs 1400 per month but the hostel authorities are imposing Rs 100 per day charge which will cost them Rs 3000 per month, a student said in response to the notice.

St Stephens Principal Tries to Justify the Notice

Varghese (Principal St Stephens) said that nobody is emphasizing on the fact that the college did not charge a single rupee from the student since the lockdown was imposed. He added that a few students stayed in the hostels till June 30 and will be charged for the same. Their students will not have to pay the charges for July.

He further added that the authorities are preparing for admissions and also have to make arrangements for the upcoming batch. They are required to get the rooms cleaned, sanitized and fumigation has to be done. Unless the rooms are vacated the sanitation can not be done. He asserted that Dean (residence) has been continuously asking students to vacate the rooms. They have further advised students to send their relatives or friends in case they can not travel to Delhi.


He added that many students have already done that and their relatives and friends have taken their luggage. The college is issuing regular notification for the students and has asked to have the hostels latest by August 7.



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