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With some major changes in admission based on sports quota,this time again DU is back with a twist and it has decided to roll off the fitness test for sports of the upcoming academic session 2017.The test would now highlight on a specific game or a sport which will be scheduled along the trials for the game at the respective college itself.

Now,also the sports quota admission would be based on 60:40 ratio rather than 50:50 ratio.According to sources,the reason behind this change is in order to make the process more crystal clear.
“This year, four types of changes have been made, including the decision to do away with the centralized fitness test and conducting a game-based fitness test. This would allow us to judge the fitness parameters of the student in that particular game/sport. Secondly, the weightage of the sports trial marks and certificates has been increased to 60 and 40 per cent respectively,” he said.

Till last year the trial and certificates carried an equal weightage of 50:50 and the trial test was further bifurcated into 3 sub categories that is game specific fitness test,overall playing ability,and the test of fundamental skills of a sports person

Another twist is that it is complusory to get atleast 30% out of 60% marks.The points on which student would be judged are on the basis of sports,fundamental skills and playing ability.However, no decision has been made about the number of credits to be given on each level.Till last year, it was mandate to get atleast 25 in the 50% weightage of the trial.The fourth twist is that this year there would be “CATEGORY WISE SPORTS CERTIFICATE” list which would be available in the “DROP DOWN” menu which is further divided into nine heads.The aspirants will have to opt for the desired category under which his/her certificate is,and they will have to upload the required scanned copy of the same through online and the verfication will also be done for the same.

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By- Aashima Gupta

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