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Sports has a huge fan base in almost all the countries of the world. Everyone loves to watch a sports match with utmost attention at times (and for some other sports fanatics, almost all the time) and it is a distinct joy to watch your home team or favourite sports star score higher and higher and get that adrenaline rush when they finally win. There are all kinds of sports games to look out for, which include the popular ones such as cricket, football, badminton, tennis and even the rarer ones such as horse racing, greyhound racing, ice hockey, judo and so on to look out for. In most countries, you will find a wide audience dedicated to watching, cheering and betting on at least one of the aforementioned sports during the numerous matches that are played out all year round. For the best bet365 bonuses keep following


In India, the situation is absolutely similar. India is one of the most populous countries in the world and it is so extremely diverse with a host of so many different people having a variety of interests in the world of sports. With the 200 years of British colonialism in India, the country has also been open to a lot of foreign influence, thereby providing the country with an interesting repertoire of mixed sporting interests. On the one hand, India has clearly maintained its amazing and self-made indigenous sporting games such as kho kho, kabaddi, gilli danda, pehlwani and so on. There are villages and even small towns in India that still rampantly practice these sporting games with children in every nook and corner growing up playing just these. But, do not be misled by the prevalence of indigenous sporting games in India. India has come a long way in the international sports scenario, having adopted most of the foreign sporting games that had been introduced to the residents from the 18th century. Other than being the founder of some of the oldest forms of martial arts such as kalaripayattu, musti yuddha, silambam, marma adi and so on, India is also the home to some of the first and finest ever made board games such as chaturanga, which is considered to be the beginnings of modern chess. India is also the creator of the famous board game which we now know as snakes and ladders, although the Indian version is far more exciting in the first place. No wonder that India has produced and prepared so many chess grandmasters to take on the world. Check out Viswanathan Anand if you haven’t, provided that you are a chess aficionado! The sport of badminton was also probably created in India from the native game of Ball Badminton in which the rules state that you have to play with a badminton-like racket and a soft yellow ball made out of wool.

Some of the other games that are indigenous to India and still highly popular include:


  • Kho Kho: A high spirited game, Kho Kho has simple rules. You, as a team, just have to tag all the members of the other team in the least time possible;
  • Kabaddi: A variation of Raiders, here, one of the players from a team, usually called the raider, enters the opponent team’s area and tries to tag the maximum number of players while all the while saying kabaddi, before safely re-entering their own area;
  • Lagori: Originating in the southern parts of India, Lagori is wildly popular all over India, and is often called Pitta in the northern provinces. The game is fairly straightforward with just a soft ball and a pile of stones being the major elements. You just have to hit the pile of stones with the ball and then rearrange them before the other team hits the pile again with their ball;
  • Yubi Lakpi: A traditional sporting activity, popular in Manipur in India, Yubi Lakpi is an amazing game which has connotations to the rules of present day rugby or American football, just played with a coconut instead;
  • Mallakhamba: An adventure sport favourite, Mallakhamba is entirely dependent on extreme skills and a lot of experience and practice. Here, the gymnast has to perform a host of different death-defying stunts and poses on a vertical wooden pole or a rope.


Apart from traditional sports in which India is the number one in the world, India is also heavily invested in cricket, which was introduced by the British way back. In fact, India is currently the world number one in cricket and has several wins in their arsenal including the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011. Football is another one of the sports games that holds the highest fascination for Indians now, with people staying up late nights just to watch the club matches and the different championships prevalent. And let’s not even begin with the amount of adoration fans here hold for Ronaldo and Messi!



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