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Have you wondered where does South Campus students hangouts? Yes! Then here is the answer. A perfect list of offbeat places where you can plan your perfect hangout with your friends:

1) Hauz Khas

Listening to word’ South Delhi’ what first occur in mind is ‘Hauz Khas ‘.It is the most favorite hangout zone for youngsters and a hip and happening crowd who flock with friends.For some good vibes and refreshing yourself from the bored lectures and classes, one must visit Hauz khas Village. Hauz khas fort, Deer park and the lake will appease you for sure.  Café,restaurant and fashion stores are the perfect purlieu. This is a place for foodie, traveler and fashionista.

2) SelectCity Walk & DLFPlace, Saket

Malls are always coolest places to hangout and chill with friends and especially if it is ‘Select CityWalk mall’, country’s most admired and praised mall and DLF place. Movies, shopping or eating in fancyrestaurants, these malls serves all facility which bring it to the top of the list of hangout zones. Now tell what else you require in hot sunny days of summer? These places will certainly work.

3) Sarojni Nagar

‘Sarojni Nager’ is definitely a place for shopaholics. Be it a trendy dress of any season or for some occasion, from jewelry to footwear, you can get anything done here in low price. Negotiation is way easy here. Even for some snacks and quick bites there are eating joints which will never let you walk hungry. Girls love to visit this place often.

4) South Extension Market

Coming to south extension market in the evening time for quick snacks and some light shopping is one of the favorite hangouts of south campus peeps. Though it’s a high sounding place with glitzy   showrooms and expensive affairs yet you can get here for all the national or international brands for any occasion.

5) Greater Khailash market

Another market to bargain for and buy your loving stuff.  ‘Greater Khailash market’ can be described as combination of high class market with common street shops or hawkers. Here you can also find Starbucks, café coffee day and some pubs to hangout.  Market that will stand up to your expectation. Shopaholics a place you need to visit soon!

6) Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door’ of Satyaniketan is registered in south campus student diaries of hangout.Real big yellow door is the signature of cafe that lead to a comfy and fascinating place with ravishing decor. Always overrun by college crowd but serves you the best of food you can have in south campus to avoid hunger in pocket friendly prices.

7) Scooter on the wall

Another hotspot of Satyaniketen, justifying the name of café, they built scooter outside and inside of the café. I think that they love the scooter a lot that’s why some of their cuisines are categorized and named by scooter auto parts. A small café yet the theme of interior and Quality of Scrumptious food will take your heart away.

8) Young, wild free cafe

Name is enough to entice college students -‘young wild and free ‘.In Satyaniketan, you are surely going to remember this place for long because of the sitting method. There are low lying tables and floor is covered with mattress and cushions are provided to sit comfortably on floor only. Walls are creatively decorated using graffiti and wooden panels.  Coming on food, they serve excellent pizzas, shakes, mojitos and almost everything you will love. Due to hygiene and reasonable price this place is always full of college students. Being in south campus, once a hangout should be planned to here.

9) QD’s

Once you come to QD’s you will come again and again .It’s another home of south campus student. They might not attend their classes regularly but QD’s. If you are looking for a perfect place with nice ambience, tasty and hygienic food with pocket friendly prices then QD’s is the name.

By Anushikha Chaudhary



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