The marketing society of Shri Ram College of Commerce is organizing the grand and elated Shri Ram Marketing Summit 2021 popularly known as SRMS. This flagship event will be a 2-day affair, i.e. on April 17 and 18, and will incorporate 5 major events. SRMS 2021 is the biggest undergraduate marketing fest held all across India.

SRMS is inundated with opportunities, challenges, and experiences for all bright minds across India. Hence, this platform has the potential to check one’s acuity on levels ranging from creativity to quick-wittedness. Indeed, the marketing society of SRCC has left no stone unturned in making this 2-day event outstanding and grand. Register now, by clicking here:

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Who are the distinguished personalities invited at SRMS?

The Shri Ram Marketing Summit (SRMS) has always set high standards that tend to escalate every year. Therefore, the digital version of SRMS has incorporated numerous eminent personalities to grace the event. They include:

  • Mr. Ravindra Kishore Sinha – The founder of security and intelligence services
  • Sejal Kumar – Popular Youtuber and SRCC Alumnus
  • Rajat Sharma – Editor in chief, Aapki Adalat

Hence, this list continues with several other erudite from wide-ranging fields. Last year, the event had a massive footfall of more than 10,000 people. They had invited personalities like Ananya Birla, Varun Gandhi, and many more.

The 5 spectacular events of SRMS in detail:

The 2-day event is jam-packed with 5 fantastic events for the participants to enjoy. Hence, apart from competing and skill development, participants will also get an opportunity to share their small piece of thoughts with others. Therefore, this will assist in molding the thought process of Indians.

Shri Ram Stimulus: This event is prefect for the creative minds who believe that innovation is the key. Hence, this is an advertisement and brand makeover event that will make the participants think out of the box.

Shri Ram Case Crusade: This event is more of a study battle. Hence participants will have to come up with feasible yet unique solutions.

Shri Ram Bazarigar: This event is a perfect blend of Bollywood and marketing. Therefore, participants will get an amazing opportunity to showcase their acuity with a Desi Bollywood twist.


Shri Ram Mismatch: The event is filled with surprises and believes in turning problems into opportunities. Hence, this mismatch game can let you get the perfect match.

Shri Ram Best Marketer: In this event, creativity with meet intellect. Hence, people who have perseverance with a hint of wit are only capable to bag the title of winner.



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