Shanice Shrestha Instagram: 15 Amazing Facts and Inspirational Life Journey 

Shanice Shrestha Instagram is an inspiration to all, as she’s not only an influencer but a multitasking personality, she is an Indian YouTuber and a Social media influencer. Her social media is full of fascinating makeup videos besides that she shows her interest in traveling, posting videos of traveling adventures.

An independent and multitalented woman, who proved herself right in every perspective, she is a perfect actress, a perfect mother, and a perfect wife. She earns on her own and manages her bills on her own. She depicts the journey of a shy girl to an independent woman.

She perfectly manages the content of all the social media handles like Instagram, and YouTube. Besides that, she is a caring mother, who gives time to her family and husband.

Shanice Shrestha Life and Education Before Fame

Shanice Shrestha Instagram
Source: Instagram

Early Life

Shanice Shrestha was born on 31 July 1995, in the city of dreams Mumbai. She has spent her entire childhood there, where she completed her academic part. She was fascinated by acting Carrier from her childhood days, she actively used to take part in school functions. While her engineering courses were going on she started giving auditions for television roles which showed her interest in an acting career.

Shanice Shrestha Instagram
Source: Instagram


Shanice Shrestha completed her 10th and 12th from Mumbai. She was good at studies and used to get good marks later she took science and graduated with an engineering degree in computer science from the University of Mumbai.

She completed her 10th and 12th from a girl’s convent school located in Mumbai, she never attended tuition, competed on her own, and proved her right by accompanying positions in the class.

Early Interest

Shanice Shrestha from her initial days has an interest in acting. She never missed a chance to perform in school, she was inclined towards entertainment from a very young age, later she started developing an interest in fashion and beauty which is playing a crucial role in her present life.

Shanice Shrestha Height

Her height is estimated to be approx 5.5 feet. If we examine in meters it would be  1.65 meters and in centimeters it is 165 centimeters.


Confidential Answer About Shanice Shrestha Age

Influencers try to hide their actual age from the audience, they want to look younger than actually they are. Shanice Shrestha Instagram age is 28 years. She does not look like 28 years old as she has maintained herself.

At the age of 26, she had a baby girl, which inspired people a lot, besides having a baby she focused on everything.


Shanice Shrestha Religion

People doubt a lot about Shanice Shrestha Religion, she was born in a Christian family, and she was born and nurtured in a Christian family. She is now married to a Hindu man. She follows the traditions and customs of both religions, she used to celebrate Christmas and Diwali.
The couple has caught up celebrating karwa chauth, a Hindu tradition, done for the husband’s longer age.

Shanice Shrestha Instagram
Source: Instagram

Shanice Shrestha Weight: Real Data

Shanice devotes her time in the gym, to doing fitness exercises. Her weight is around 65 kilograms, which is great according to her height. She follows a diet to maintain her figure. Shanice Shrestha Figure has been an asked question all around, her figure is 32-30-36.

Shanice Shrestha Family Information: Parents, Sister, Daughter, Husband

Family is all that we want in our life. Shanice Shrestha  Instagram got full support from her parents as well as her sister’s side. Whatever she wanted to aspire to in her future she used to discuss with them. They advised and guided her in each step which later became the key to her success.

Shanice Shrestha
Source: Instagram


Shanice’s father’s name is not disclosed but it found that he is belongs to Nepal, her mother’s name is  Centol Shrestha she supported her at every step.


Shanice Shrestha sister’s name is Olivia Shrestha.  Both sisters share a special bond. Shanice Shrestha Instagram is actively used to share pictures with her sister. Olivia is also a Digital Creator with lakhs of followers on Instagram.

They regularly do meetups and post stories together, they make different – different kinds of content like makeup tutorials, funny videos, etc, they are active on YouTube too, people enjoy seeing their bonding, and there are several videos of them together.

Shanice shrestha sister


Shanice Shrestha’s husband is a well-known personality. Nikhil Sharma, known as Mumbiker Nikhil, is a famous YouTube creator who used to make videos on traveling.  He has faced a lot before getting success, he has come across a lot of difficulties. He started his earnings as a flight attendant and now he is a reputed and reputed  Youtuber.

In recent times, both Shanice and Nikhil started making vlogs together, which gave them a lot of success and reach. They used to cover different parts of India through bike rides which influenced and attracted a lot of youngsters.


Shanice Shrestha Instagram has a daughter Skylar Sharma of 2 years. Her daughter looks the same and beautiful as her, her interest also seems to be inclined toward makeup. Many videos have been found where her daughter tries to do makeup at such a young age.

The couple is famous for their road bike trips,    they carry their daughter too. People have mixed reactions towards it, some say it is not safe where whereas some say it’s a nice way of exploration for her daughter.

Carrier Beginnings: initial, present

Shanice Shrestha’s Instagram has played different roles to get success, she started her career with small television roles like Savdhan India, where she used to play roles of tortured wife or daughter. She earlier used to get side roles but due to her passion and acting skills started getting lead roles which she performed very well.

Initial career

After that, she was in UTV Bindass, a reality show named  “Life Lafde Aur Bandia “. She played that show perfectly, this show was a comedy show. She devoted herself fully to every show she had performed.

Current career

After all the attempts in their television acting career, she started making videos covering different topics like beauty, makeup, lifestyle, and traveling which gave her huge success. People love to watch her daily lifestyle vlogs. She makes shorts, Instagram reels, and YouTube vlogs and she has tremendous followers on each platform.

Rise To Fame On YouTube

Shanice Shrestha started getting fame on YouTube aggressively not only due to the popularity she gained from TV shows but also due to her hardworking nature and her engaging content. Here fame also played a role in the fast growth of the channel.

Shanice Shrestha Instagram
Source: Instagram

Earlier she used to post content related to face and beauty practice but later on, she started working on different aspects. Her beauty tips and techniques were liked by many, and after that, people started waiting eagerly for her videos to upload.

Her travel diary has a different fan base, people love to watch their travel vlogs as they cover different parts, and the quality and consistency of their vlogs make people inclined towards them. Her hard work and consistency are the reasons for her success, this made a huge impact on people, and people started connecting with her, which increased her followers.

Shanice Shrestha  Instagram also invested her time in doing fashion halls. Fashion halls involve, trying on new trendy clothes under a defined budget, giving advice about clothes, and rating the quality of clothes. This is engaging and attractive content that attracted a lot of girls towards her.

She started collaborating with different YouTubers and franchises which attracted more audiences to her. Collaborating plays an important role in this line, they collaborate with famous YouTubers or Influencers to attract their fan too.


Shanice Shrestha Instagram Net Worth, Income

Shanice Shrestha Instagram started her YouTube career with 0 subscribers now she has 9.3k subscribers which is a huge amount, she earns pretty much from it as her average views rate is 622.9k, and her views go in millions.
From YouTube, she gets 3000 3,000 to 40000 dollars(2.4 lakh in Indian rupees), which we can examine through her profile, her YouTube channel named Shanice Shrestha.


New Launched Clothing Website By Shanice Shrestha 

Shanice Shrestha instagram started her clothing website with her sister, they both invested in providing good services to their users, they stated that the clothes would be fashionable as well as trendy, and her clothing website name is “Shanz and Niks”.

Her clothing website will contain clothes of fashion type that are a mixture of Indian and Western as stated on the mentioned clothing website.

Shanice Shrestha Instagram
Source: Google

Shanice Shrestha Marriage

Shanice Shrestha’s marriage was a sensational topic now and then, people were curious to know about her husband, wedding dates, planning, destination, outfit, and performance.

The sensational and talented couple tied their knot through both the culture and tradition that is Hindu and Christian rituals, Shanice Shrestha’s husband is Hindu, and they got married in Hindu ritual on January 30 and the next day they got married through Christian tradition on 31.

Source: Pinterest

They started a new trend, they recorded their whole wedding through their vlogs and posted on different social media platforms, people were curious as well as amazed at the same time, their wedding was fun, and their outfits were outstanding.

All the rituals were posted through their vlogs, vlogs include the haldi ceremony, ring ceremony, reception, and mehendi ceremony. People watched their weddings through their mobile phones and gave blessings to their favorite couples.

Shanice Shrestha Vlogs

Shanice Shrestha Vlogs got fame and reach due to her effort and consistency, her vlogs are meant to be praised by everyone, and her content varies from day to day, sometimes it’s about her skincare routine, her daily life, or about her travel.

Her vlogs are of various kinds which is the main reason for attraction, some are fond of her makeup, and others may like her skin care, she also makes vlogs about her day-to-day lifestyle which people wait to see.

Shanice Shrestha Instagram vlogs contain the collaboration of her husband, her sister, and her friends which makes the vlogs more interesting and engaging.

The travel vlogs that she posts with her husband are all people love to see. They have covered many trips together.

Interesting Shorts Making Her More Recognizable

As we all know we rarely watch full vlogs and videos nowadays, shorts and short videos are more likely to get the attention of people, Shanice Shrestha’s Instagram knows how to grab the attention of people, so she started investing her time in making shorts, her shorts are very informative and interesting.

  1. Skincare  – skincare is the most searched and researched topic, skincare routines of influence are more likely to be followed by the youth, she posts shorts related to homemade or we can say nature skincare methods. She also recommends the skin care products which she uses to apply.
  2. Haircare – haircare shorts are being loved by the audience, she shares trusted brands and product names which will give good results.
  3. Makeup – her makeup shorts are liked and searched by everyone, her natural and flaunting makeup makes people curious, and girls try hard to get makeup based like her.
  4. Gym – her gym routines are followed by any, as even after having a baby she has a flaunting figure, many admire her for having a figure like hers, so they follow her to get a body like hers.
  5. Travel – Shanice Shrestha Instagram Shorts contain travel shorts, which attract the male gender to their profile, and females too want to travel like her.

Exciting News About Her Pregnancy

Shanice Shrestha and her husband are expecting their second child, they are excited to share news about it with all, it is expected to come this year. They have posted some vlogs and shorts about their pregnancy news.


5 Secrets: Disclosed By Her Own

Here are some of the random or secret facts that she disclosed herself by posting a YouTube video.

1. Shanice Shrestha’s father belongs to Nepal and her mother belongs to a well-brought-up Christian family, so to get married to her mother, her father converted his religion from Nepali to Christianity, and then they performed love marriage, so Shanice also started following Christianity.

2. She concluded that she went to an English convent school, she was a shy girl, she never used to talk to boys, and she had never spoken to a boy till the age of fourteen, even after being forced by many friends.

3. About her academics, she stated that she was a very brilliant student and she never required extra classes to cover the syllabus. Once she forced her mother to send her to the tuition classes because her friends used to go to tuition. After some time her teacher only said that she did not need to come to tuition, she could do it on her own. She used to get above-average marks every time.

4. She said that she was forcefully sent to an acting school by her mother when she was in 12th grade, on her audition she got selected, and worked there for 1 and half years, and after that, she used to get offers from commercials, advertisements, and lead roles. She proved herself a deserving actress.

5. Shanice Shrestha Instagram never sat on a bike before meeting her husband, she used to travel on four-wheelers, she said that on the last day of her shoot, she sat with Nikhil on his bike for the first time in her life.



From the above-detailed facts we can conclude that Shanice Shrestha Instagram is an influential figure, she inspired people to choose their careers at an early age to achieve success, even if you don’t get success in your initial days keep on working on new incoming platforms to gain popularity.

Hard work pays off, this quote suits Shanice Shrestha’s Instagram as from the above facts we can see that she is engaged in different platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Shorts which helped her to gain acknowledgment from people of different interests.


  1. Who Manages Shanice Shrestha Clothing Website?

Her clothing website is managed by her and her sister, their clothing website name is “Shanz and  Niks”.

2. What is Shanice Shrestha’s Age?

The frequently asked question is her age, she is 28 years old now.

3. What is Shanice Shrestha’s Height?

She has a common height, of 5.5 inches, 165 cm, and 1.65 m.

4. What is Shanice Shrestha Instagram handle?

Shanice Shrestha Instagram ID is Shanice Shrestha

5. What is the name Shanice Shrestha Sister?

Her sister is also a digital creator, her name is Olivia but her family prefers to call her Nikita. They even started a business together to boost up their life’s.

6. What about Shanice Shrestha’s Marriage?

She got married to a YouTuber named Nikhil Mumbiker. The marriage was performed by 2 rituals, on the 30 with Hindu rituals and the 31 with Christian rituals.

7. What is the actual ID of Shanice Shrestha Instagram?

Shanice Shrestha Instagram real ID is with 752k followers with a blue tick, named Shaniceshrestha.

8. What is Shanice Shrestha’s net worth?

Her net worth is around 2.3 crores, from YouTube, she earns lakhs, and in total, she earns in crores.

9. What’s about the Shanice Shrestha Religion?

Her mother is Christian but she is married to a Nepali guy. Same as that, Shanice Shrestha is Christian but got married to a Hindu guy, hence follow both cultures and traditions.

10. What contains Shanice Shrestha’s Vlogs?

Shanice Shrestha Instagram vlogs are of a combined type, it consists of travel time, family time, skincare routine, haircare routine, and leisure time.


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