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Reservation has already destroyed our “Education System”. So, in our generation, reservation should not be encouraged at all, especially on the basis of domicile.

Admission should be solely depends upon the merit, not on domicile. If domicile becomes the basis of admission, then securing a seat in DU could get easier or a lot worse depending upon your domicile. Some Delhi – ite said that this would be the worst step. They also added that “DU is rich in culture, because they have people from various background who form this campus culture, but reservation under the Delhi domicile, will destroy everything DU stands for.

Recently Delhi Government has sent a proposal to Delhi University for reserving 85% seats for Delhi students in State Government funded colleges. But, DU rejected the proposal. One of the University official said that “This is an age old demand, but we are clear, DU is a central university, and reservation cannot be made on domicile”.

Some Delhi – ite are in favor of this step. But a top official said that DU is a central University, established by an act of the Indian Parliament. Rules under constitution are very clear and till now, DU has no provision for reservation under domicile.If the constituent colleges is 100% funded by the Delhi Government, still there is no chance of reservation based on domicile. The reservation under DU Quota can be possible in State Universities but not in DU.

According to Hindustan Times Report, 50% DU applicants are from Delhi. If still introducing DU Quota is the only option, then it’s just a preconception for Non Delhi – ites.

This demand is not new, and now this has become a political issue. Kejriwal is not alone in this. Other parties has been demanding this from a long time. But University is clear.

– Prachi Agarwal


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