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Scope of Studying History (H) in Delhi University : Know It All

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History is a course that most students opt out of passion and interest. The course is entirely for those to whom going back to dates makes them intrigue more.The course is not famous as compared to B.Com or Economic Honors and hence its cut-off remains low as compared to other subjects. Opting this course can easily give you admission to good colleges of Delhi University. Talking about scope and career opportunities, History graduates do not have a clear career track to go on. There are rare companies or organizations that give preference to history graduates only. Yet some of the fields where history graduates can look for are-

1. Teaching

Teaching history is the most comfortable job after studying history. Students who have a history as their course is due to their interest and passion. You can reciprocate the same passion and love for the subject in young minds by being a teacher at school or university level. For this, you can go for B.Ed. or M.A in history after completing graduation.

2. Archaeology

Archaeology involves the investigation of human, culture, and material development. Unearthing monuments, collecting unknown objects, and analyzing them includes in their job. If you have a profound interest in the subject and want to explore more then you can go for archaeology at the post-graduation level and serve in ASI( Archaeological Survey of India) or in the state government’s department.

3. Museum work

History graduates can also go for Museumology which is a discipline about museum theory and practice. Museumologists are involved in documentation of artifacts and management. Museumologist work in museums, galleries as well as non-governmental organizations. A museology professional can also work as an education specialist.

4. Writing Work

Being from a historical background can land you up at a job in firms that employ content writers. With the evolution of the term ‘information’, the content writers are always required. You can write content or get involved in proofreading and editing work for tourism websites and magazines etc.

5. Mass Communication and Journalism

Graduation from history honors inculcates various skills that are imperatively used in journalism such as analyzing facts, a reconstruction based on evidence, and providing views on them. A course in media studies/mass communication after graduation shall be most rewarding.


6. Film Making

Your passion for learning history can also be used in the field of Film making. Many films and TV shows are made on social, cultural, and historical aspects. History graduates can work for those films as writers, editors. In fact, they can turn this into a lucrative career by doing a course on film making and can make their own films.


7. Government Jobs

If you are doing history honors merely for graduation purposes and hardly have any intention to carry out something in the same field then you can appear for government jobs like civil services, IBPS/ Bank PO Job or police, etc.

Another option after completing graduation is continuing your research work. Students can go for further studies M.A/Ph.D. etc. History honors is about learning thesis and researching facts thoroughly. It is better to analyze your skills before you go for history honors. If you have a keen interest in history then lectures will keep you engross otherwise you will be yawning sitting at the last desk.

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  • I like your post very much. But can you please let me know that how can I join journalism after completing graduation in history? Because the base of journalism is B.A(HONS) Journalism, which I have not done so how can I go for it?

  • Firstly your post is very comprehensive and very much enriched also ,but I want to know more about the entrance exam for M.A Political Science on D.U. and it's detailed information about the stuff that's asked in the exam.And I want to know how I can apply for private courses in P.G.?

  • I want to more about how to get in DU's best college for M.A. Political Science .

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