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Physics(honors) is one of the most sought after course in Delhi University. Around 20 colleges of Delhi University offer this course. Physics, as a subject instills interest in students for the fundamental laws of physics.The course educates students about various aspects of matter, motion, energy, time, and so on. Physics honors have wide scope for students who have a genuine interest in learning the answers of questions that physics holds.

  • Physics honors inculcate logical and analytical thinking abilities. After a graduation in physics, students are able to create and evaluate hypothesis, theories, methods and proofs for them.

  • Students are able to analyze and solve complex physical problems through critical understanding

  • Physics give power to demonstrate skills in the use of computers for control, data acquisition and data analysis.

  • Students are able to apply principals and theories in real world problems.

  • Graduates act as inventive scientist by engaging in current research projects and help in developing and taking them forward.

Career avenues for Physics (honors)-

Physics honor offer wide range of professions one can go for. Some good career avenues are-

  • After the completion of B.Sc. Physics (Honors), a degree of B.Ed. can give lead to a profession of teacher in government or private school.

  • Often students go for higher studies after graduation. After PG in physics you can also apply for NET/SET examination and can teach in government or private college.

  • Physics post graduates and PhD holders are often required and earn well who are employed in Govt. private research and development organizations such as Indian Space research organization, national remote sensing agency, and space application center etc.

  • Various technical jobs are available for physics graduates/postgraduates like radiation monitoring , electrical power plant operator, scientific instrument operator, sales person for technical instruments. You can also work in Govt. and private laboratories.

  • Students can also go for civil services after graduation in physics. They can apply in Union public service communication for posts like IPS, IAS,IFS , Indian defense service.

  • MBA in finance after graduation in physics open doors toward jobs in private and government financial institutes.

  • Main employment areas for physics graduate are research institutes, laboratories and institutes, Educational institutes, agricultural research services hospitals , power generating companies , aviation industry , construction firms, demolition squads, pyrotechnics manufactures.

Physics (honors) is a course full of lucrative opportunities . Though it is also true, in a world of competition, a graduation degree do not suffice the job requirements. Higher education after B.Sc. Physics  increases the proximity to get into a high destination job with rewarding compensation packages. A physics graduate always need to have an inquisitive and inventive mind, problem solving attitude,logical and analytical thinking.  Their job often requires analyzing information and using logics to address work related issues and problems. If you have all these qualities  then Physics (honors) hold a lot of scope for you.

-Anushikha Chaudhary


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