Scope of Political Science (H)


The scope of political  science however implies its jurisdiction or subject matter.  It is although a very wide and comprehensive subject.  Scope of political science includes the following:

1) A study of political theory
Political theory is a major branch of political science. It is on the basis of the political ideas or thoughts of political thinkers, political theory formulates definitions, liberty, Equality, grounds of political obligations etc.

2)The study of political institutions
The field is rather pretty vast and it includes the study of political institutions and competitive government, explains their merits and demerits, their structure and working and arrives at different conclusions.

3) A study of adjustment of the individual with the state
The scope also comprises of the study of the nature of relationship between the individual and state.  The process of adjustment of men with the society is an important aspect of political science.
4) A study of international relations and international law
Lastly the scope of political science includes a deep study of international relations which has become significant since the first quarter of 20th century. International law has taken up great importance in recent times.

By- Himani Duggal

P.S- We would come with more detail soon.


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