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With the facts and theories we know, we have postulated the basis upon which we believe how our world works. But as every day goes by, our curiosity pushes us to do go deeper and further into science. There was once a time wherein we believed that electrons are the smallest part of an atom and that there wasn’t much more to be learned from their atomic structure. In our quest for more knowledge, we have been proving ourselves wrong and made some things which were impossible before and brought them to reality. Let us look at a few of them:

  • Cooling with squeezed light: The limit to which we could cool a substance was the quantum limit before. They got to this limit because of a laser which was limiting back the cooling effect as well. The laser’s heat would limit the cooling effect. But to overcome this limit scientists have come up with a laser that can squeeze light and direct the beam with an intense stability. This removed the former heating disadvantage.

  • The brightest light:  We all know first-hand how bright the sun is. So bright that we can’t look at it with our naked eye. But scientists now have created a light source emitting an output of a billion suns.

  • Metallic Hydrogen: Hydrogen was sought after as a viable superconductor in the past. But attaining those conditions were said to be impossible. But in 2017, it has been made possible by a team from the US. They used a diamond anvil with their own modifications to attain a pressure of 71.7 million pounds per square inch. That is a number not even found at the center of the earth.

Here we have listed out some of the things which we have are unearthing about our limitations. An effective way to learn more about topics like these would be to join a physics or chemistry forum. To help you with topics of science, check out this YouTube channel-


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