School Of Open Learning , DU Offers Courses on Artificial Intelligence | Internet Of Things


Online courses in artificial intelligence, Internet of things and big data analytics, may soon be available at the Campus of Open Learning through Pan-African e-network initiative funded by the ministry of external affairs.

Course will be free of cost for students coming from 25 African countries, but the course will be open to others too. The MEA will award a 2000 dollars scholarship to the African students this year.

“This is now the fourth industrial revolution, which is about the digital, physical and biological sciences. We want to bring courses that will be useful for the future, for the fourth industrial revolution,” said CS Dubey, director, Campus of Open Learning.

“We will be creating new diploma and certificate courses in these subject areas, with the help of different Delhi University colleges, which will be available as a Massive Open Online Course. The MEA will pay us up to 2,000 USD for each student from the African countries who enrols in the course. However, there will be a cap on the maximum number of such students that we can take in,” said Dubey.

According to sources the new courses were being designed at the behest of the ministry, to make the platform sustainable and also to promote Indian education abroad.

The courses will also be available for other students, including DU students. However, they will not be eligible for the scholarship, and will have to pay the fees.

The courses are expected to be available in the coming academic session, and may be available as early as October 2017.


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