Saral Haryana

The Saral Haryana Portal is a simple, all-inclusive, action-oriented, real-time, and long-lasting portal. The Saral Haryana Portal facilitates in aligning with the vision of Digital India of paperless, faceless, and cashless service delivery model.

The Saral Haryana Portal has been developed on the Service Plus Framework. The Saral Haryana aims at transforming citizen service delivery in Haryana through the complete digitization of over 380+ services.

All the residents of Haryana will be delighted to know that they can receive all the information regarding government facilities through the Haryana Saral Portal. First of all, you will have to register on the portal to create an id on the Haryana Saral Portal. After this, you will able to easily access your account.

The Saral centers were started on January 25, 2018. After the establishment of these Saral centers, the citizens of the state have greatly benefitted from it. Recently, the Haryana Saral Project has received a Gold Award from the Central Government.

If you have not registered yourself to get a Saral Haryana login, you can do it very easily. Let us see how:


• Let us now learn how to login to Saral Haryana Portal.

• First of all, go to the Haryana Saral Portal.

• Once the portal opens, click on the “New User? Register Here” link.

Saral Haryana

• Now, a new page will open where you will be asked information regarding registration.

Saral Haryana

• Once you have filled in all the details, all you have to do is click on “Validate.”

• Once you click on validate, you will receive an OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile number and email. Fill the OTP in the blank spaces and then submit them.

Saral verification

• Now, you will be registered on the Saral Portal Haryana. You will also see a message on the screen of the Saral Haryana Login.

Saral id

• Now you can use your email id and password to log in to the Saral Portal Haryana.

After logging in, you will be able to take advantage of many facilities/ government schemes online. On the Saral Portal Haryana, you can take the benefit of 38 departments, 238 schemes, and 291 services.


To use the services of these departments, schemes, and services, it is extremely important that you register yourself on the Saral Haryana portal. Only after doing so, a Saral ID will be created which will help in a new identity formation.


Q. Who can register on Saral Portal?

A. Any permanent resident of Haryana can register on the Saral Haryana portal. Being an active citizen of the state, it is your duty to register yourself on the portal.

Q. What services are available on the Haryana Saral Portal?

A. There are 38 departments, 238 schemes, and 291 services available on the Saral Haryana portal. Please note that only the registered users can avail of these benefits.

Q. What information has to be given for registration?

A. You will have to provide your Mobile number, Email id, Name, Password, etc for registration. After registration, to take the service of any scheme or anything, other information might be asked by you.


The Haryana Saral portal was started to move further the digitization process started in India. This portal will help in the digitalization of the permanent residents of the state along with informing them about the programs and schemes of the government. This portal promotes the use of cashless and paperless process under the Digital India program.

You can download the list with the help of the Saral Haryana Solar, very easily. You can also search online the available schemes and services on the portal. This step of the Saral Haryana will take a step forward in the Digital India process.


You can receive information about the 38 departments and the 526 schemes being run by these departments on the Haryana Saral portal. The services of Saral Haryana Ration Card, pension, dairy loan services are available on the Haryana Saral portal.

• Certificate of permanent residence

• Dealer point registration

• New ration card (Saral Haryana Ration Card)

• Certificate of income

• Social Justice and Empowerment

• New Electricity connection

• Dr. Ambedkar brilliant student scheme

• Cycle scheme

• Marriage registration


• With the help of this portal, all the permanent residents of the state will be able to access the services and schemes being run by the Haryana state government.

• The facility of live tracking of services and schemes has been provided on the portal.

• This initiative of the Haryana government will facilitate transparency in the exchange between the state and the people.

• To use any service or scheme, anyone can use this portal for registration.


You can contact the given helpline numbers for help in procuring the services of any kind or online registration.

Toll-free helpline number: 1800-2000-023 (8 am to 8 pm)


It has been announced by the Haryana state government to issue e-pass in the state during the lockdown to provide the essential as well as non-essential facilities to the residents of the state. These passes are strictly provided to those people who are helping in some sort of disaster or in the delivery of the required resources. The application for such passes can be processed through the online portal of Saral Haryana gov.

The official website is Saral

Important points related to the Saral Haryana Movement Pass:

The applications should only be submitted if and if the applicants are associated with the essential services which are prescribed by the government or the concerned person has an emergency such as medical situations, etc.

• The Submission of the application does not ensure that one will get the pass.

• The decision of the issuance of the movement pass depends finally on the local administration.

• Only after detailed scrutiny and document verification of the applicants, will a movement pass be issued.

• If any candidate submits fake information, serious action will be taken against the applicant.

• One should carry valid id proof along with the movement pass on the day of moving.

The official website is Saral


If not already registered, then you will have to first register yourself on the portal. Follow the following steps to fill an application form for the Haryana e-pass.

• Start the Saral Haryana Solar portal. Click on the login button.

• Type the login id, password, and the captcha code and click on the submit button once done.

• Click on the left menu bar to Apply Services. All the available services will appear on your screen now.

• Click on the COVID-19 curfew/lockdown pass option.

• Once you do that, the application form will appear on the screen and you will be required to fill your personal details, etc.

• You will have to fill in the word verification and then click on the submit button.

• The form can also be previewed.

• Annexure should also be attached by the applicants. The required documents have to be attached. An id card and a document will also have to be attached to support the purpose.

• A preview of the form will appear again after attaching annexure. You can check the details once again.

• You have to click on the submit tab after double-checking the form and on the screen, a final acknowledgment slip will appear.

• Your form will be forwarded for approval after applying.

• The Movement pass shall be provided after detailed scrutiny and verification of documents, according to the state guidelines. Legal action under the law shall be initiated in case any information is found to be false.

The official website of Saral Haryana Status is Saral


The following info should be filled in correctly by those who want to apply for travel passes in Haryana, during the lockdown:

• The category in which you want the e-pass (Public, weekly, essential services or non-essential services)

• The pass is required from what destination

• The pass is required up to what destination

• About the issuing authority

• Where is the movement from?

• Where is the movement?

• Name of the person

• Name of father or husband

• What is the age?

• What is gender?

• What is the personal mobile number?

• What is the personal e-mail id?

• What is the identity card type?

• What is the identity card number?

• What is the vehicle/RC number?

• What is the Vehicle make?

• What is the Vehicle color?

• What is the Vehicle type?

• What is the address along with the district and pin code?

• Uploading the identity card proof document

• Uploading the document to support the purpose

• Details of the additional persons traveling


Once the application has been submitted by you for a pass, you can track the Saral Haryana Application Status. The given instructions must be followed by you to track your application status:

• On the menu bar you have to click on the “Track Application Status’ tab, given under the View Status of Application option.

• Enter the registration id in the required field and click on the submitted option.

• The status of your application will appear on the screen. An SMS notification or email notification will also be received by you apart from this.

The official website of the Saral Haryana Status is Saral Haryana Gov In.


Under the scheme issued by the central Renewable Energy Ministry, the farmers of the state have been given a 75% discount in buying solar pumps. Therefore, the farmers can use the Saral Haryana Solar portal to register themselves for buying a solar pump.

The official website of Saral Haryana Gov. is Saral Haryana


The ration card is an official document that is provided to all the citizens by their state governments. For the residents of Haryana, the ration card is issued by the Department of Food and Civil Supplies.

There are four types of ration cards- green, khaki, yellow, and pink.

The documents required to apply for a ration card are as follows:

• Date of Birth proof

• The proof of residence

• PAN card

• Driving license

• Photographs of passport size

• AADHAR card


For registration of ration card, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1st step: Logging in to the SARAL website of the Haryana government.

2nd step: On the left bar of the screen, click on the application for the service button.

3rd step: The service “Issuance of new ration card” should be chosen.

4th step: the required details mentioned in the form should be filled and the scanned documents should be attached.

5th step: To submit your application finally, click on the “Submit” button.

The acknowledgment form will be displayed with your application reference number and SARAL ID for future reference in checking Saral Haryana Application Status.

The official website of Saral Haryana status is Saral Haryana


A person’s dwelling in a particular place, ascertaining the facts of the person’s continuous residence is attributed to a domicile certificate. Even if the person may have several homes, he/she will have only one domicile. This certificate is obtained by a person to claim the Fundamental Rights and benefits within the scope of a specific State.

The official website of Saral Haryana status is Saral Haryana gov in.

Documents required:

• Birth certificate

• Aadhar card of the person in question

• School certificates of the person in question

• Valid identification proof of the person in question

• A copy of Voter id or ration card

• A proof of the applicant owning a land

• A proof which denotes the person to be the resident of the state for a minimum period as specified by the state

• The inquiry report of the Tehsil

• A self-attested certificate

To apply for the domicile certificate of Haryana, you need to do Saral Haryana Portal Login. Once you have done the Saral Haryana Portal Login, you can register yourself for getting a domicile from the Saral Haryana Gov.
The official website of Saral Haryana portal login is Saral Haryana gov in.

Antyodaya Saral is an initiative undertaken to transfer citizen service delivery in Haryana. It is also to provide more than 400 schemes through a single digital platform. There are 115 delivery centers across Haryana. At a single window, thirty-eight departments are delivering through the SARAL KENDERS and the Antyodaya SARAL KENDERS.

Schemes of more than 25 departments are being delivered, similarly, at Antyodaya Saral Kendras and Anododaya Bhawan. Online application, online tracking of application, and the receiving of updates can be done by the citizens on their mobile phone.


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