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There is a belief that one who starts his/her career with English Honours ends up  with M.A and Ph.D in English. English honours is  a course in which you study literature belonging to different centuries and also about their social and historical backgrounds. Teaching is just not the only option . This course opens gate to many different career paths.  If you are about to complete your graduation in same or you are looking to opt for this course in your  graduation so here is a list for you mentioning the career choices  you can make after English honours .





It is not necessary to pursue journalism and  broadcasting course to enter into this field as a news reporter or journalist. If you are good at writing and can express much through your words then this industry welcomes you with open arms. You should also have good editing and analyzing skills.  Report writing, featured articles,  analytical articles  and many other things are there. If you think that your writing can persuade others so you should go for this one.

2.Brand Manager

As a brand manager one has to take care of the promotions and the developments of their products.  Your focus should be on developing your brands’profit . A brand manager  should have good understanding of their customers . Having creative and analytical skill would be a plus point .One should have good communication skills and should be fluent in English language. Having an understanding of marketing would surely be of great help. So , I would suggest to have an MBA in marketing.

3.Content Writer

If you can write and if you can  actually write very well for “others”then this can be an option for you.  In my opinion writing lets you express things in a much better way then being verbally communicated. Content writing is the most popular  job among the job aspirants. Many e-advertising agencies and blogs hire content writers. This field is very wide .From fashion, lifestyle, politics, education and social to that of writing professional articles you get to do  a lot as a content writer and you keep learning as you progress. One of the best thing is that many agencies actually allow you to work from home .You just have to visit them once or twice a week. MNCs also look out for content writers so if your wish is to go corporate then it will get fulfill too. If words are your best friend then NOTHING CAN STOP YOU.

4.Event Management

Do you feel like you are a good manager and can work under hectic conditions? So, maybe this can be for you. We see so many events happening all around us and people enjoy them .So, why don’t you organize one of yours. Organise events , finds sponsers but not like the you found for your college fest.  You have to work under deadline but this is really fun if everything goes right. There are many institute that offer courses in the same. You can go for them or you can actually apply with an event management company.


A translator actually get paid well. If you are proficient in the English language and you know  any foreign language then you can be the one .You get to work in the embassy and some supreme MNCs also hire translators. Chinese ,German  and French  are the most demanded languages .

6.Subtitle Specialist

Do you have that filmy keeda and got strong hold over languages then this can be for you. But there is nothing like “fix hours’ duty”. You have to watch every scene carefully and maybe you have to watch them again and again until you get that translation done correctly. There is no choice of yours in choosing which movie you would translate , actually some times the movies are not at all of your types. So choose it wisely whether it is your cup of tea or not.

7.Assistant Editor

If you have completed your English Honours with good and shining marks , then you can have an eye on the job of an assistant editor at publishing house. Hiring process is different in every publishing house. Some give chance to freshers through an interview process while some may go for a preliminary exam as well. You need very good academic background and knowledge to do good in this .

8.Advertising and Public Relations

Student pursuing this course are known for their creativity , writing skills, imagination and communication skills. So in my opinion these people are  suitable for different profiles in advertising and PR industry. You can work as an advertising copywriter, event organizer, PR manager, creative director, campaign manager and others. You will get to  test your creativity, communication skills and writing too.It is better to take short term course in advertising, public relation and digital marketing in order to excel in this field.

These are some of the good choices you can make after completing your graduation. These are not the only options, there is a lot you can do.  It is a tough course but really worth it! All the best. Do share your views in the comments and if you have any other career options then please let others know.


By-Ekta yadav


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