Named as “Let’s Record”, the platform helps the specially challenged students across the country to access the e-books related to their respective syllabus. 

Utilizing the lockdown period to the fullest, a bunch of Ferguson College has created a website to upload audiobooks which will greatly help the visually impaired students for their study.

“Let’s Record” is developed by undergraduate students of the university that acts as a medium to provide audiobooks to blind learners. The students took this initiative because the studies at the various institute were going on, despite the imposition of total lockdown in the nation. 

The online platform, which went live before three weeks, in the very beginning, only the pupils were recording audiobooks that were related to their own courses. Due to its increasing popularity, even the professors joined in and offered the books to virtualize and upload as audiobooks on the website. 


On the idea to develop “Lets Record”, an associate member of this plan, Vishal Palve said “ Ever since the lockdown was ascertained, there was suspicion, about colleges continuing, and examinations were put on a halt. When we were visiting college before the prohibitions were imposed, a member of our group Sathi, used to help visually challenged students and provided books and study materials, sometimes, he even recorded chunks of the syllabus for them. To continue the direction, we put together the site about three weeks ago. Now, supporters are reaching us from across the country.”

The website has resources related to many courses like science, literature, and even for competitive exams as well. Although, in the beginning, “Lets record” has an only academic curriculum book,  now the pupils can also have reference books. 

Talking about the benefits, a visually impaired student of the second year said “ In college, our friends assist us but with the help of this new site, we can avail audiobooks anytime and listen to topics related to our respective syllabus. While, the subjects in my course include Marathi, Political Science, English, and sociology, now I can explore many additional topics that do not come under my course. All thanks to the vast stock the site possess.”

Not only to FC students but also to entire India, this assistance is available. 

A blind student from JNU, Delhi, said that we can also recommend books that we like to listen to, this quality makes this site unique. I have suggested BR Ambedkar’s written books, and the people have already started working to provide these books. It is convenient to connect with the assistors and the people are going well. 

The college organized a number of events for visually impaired students and this program is a mere extension of it.

Kavita Kulkarni, a teacher volunteer for “Lets Record” asserted “ I got to know about the platform and shared my inputs as well. I have recorded some Marathi novels and given them to the site so that literature students can be benefited. As the students can not go to college during a pandemic, the site is doing an excellent job to bridge the gap between students and education.”




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