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A few weeks ago, when I had seen the trailer of Dil Bechaara, I had thought that it will be difficult to review this movie, but I will be able to manage it. It was only today when I sat down to see the movie, did I realize how difficult it is going to be. But after a lot of thought, I have decided that I am in no place to review Dil Bechaara.

It is the last movie of Sushant Singh Rajput and like all his other movies, this also is one of its kind. There are just too many emotions and feelings attached to this movie. It is a tough job to overlook that it is Sushant’s last movie and critique the movie.

It has not been a very long time since we lost Sushant. I am grateful to Fox Star Productions and Director Mukesh Chhabra who released Dil Bechaara on Disney+Hotsar. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the audience would have had to wait for a really long time to see their favorite actor on-screen.

Dil bechaara
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Dil Bechaara is based on John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars. The book was an international bestseller. Having read the book, I can say that the movie is an accurate adaptation of the novel in the Indian context.

The movie is about two teenagers who are suffering from cancer. Kizie Basu (Sanjana Sanghi) is making her way through life with Pushpinder, her oxygen cylinder. One look at her, and you can say that yes, she is suffering from a deadly disease. She has no hopes from life, whatsoever. At nights, she writes her blog while her days are spent thinking about what will happen to her parents when she dies.

Stuck between this never-ending circle of what she calls her boring life, she meets Manny (Sushant Singh Rajput). Manny is that guy who knows how to live happily even though he has already lost a leg to cancer. He is the ray of hope in Kizie’s life which will bring her to brighter days and brighter nights.

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Manny manages to take all the fears of Kizie, lock it in a box, and throw away the key. She is her best self when she is with Manny. She tells him about her favorite song by Abhimanyu Veer (Saif Ali Khan). She also tells Manny about her wish to meet Abhimanyu Veer.

Therefore, Kizie, Manny, and Kizie’s mother go to Paris to meet Kizie’s favorite singer. When in Paris, Kizie realizes how much she loves Manny and what an inseparable part of her life he has become.

Just when the audiences think, everything is going well, things take an ugly turn. Everything changes from there.

The real meaning of love, the feeling of loving someone with a pure heart, the fear of losing your most loved one, and ultimately the pain of losing that someone special- Dil Bechaara is about all these things.

There will be several moments in the movie which will resonate with whatever happened in the recent past. There are a few dialogues in the movie which will describe the pain which we, as viewers felt when we heard about Sushant’s demise.

In Dil Bechaara, Kizie talks about how the person who dies, does not suffer. Those who are left behind, his family members, his close friends, and all those people who were connected to him suffer. Because these people are forced to continue their lives in the absence of that one person.

sushant singh rajput
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It seems insignificant how the life of a single person affects so many people, but it is true, it does affect everyone,

As I was watching Dil Bechaara, I had this guilt building up inside me, the guilt of having failed Sushant Singh Rajput. We, as a society, as his fans, failed him. He was ready to give his best for his audience, but as his audience, were we ready to do the same for him?

The abrupt demise of Sushant Singh Rajput was not only the end of his own life and the end of the brilliant person that he was. But it was also the end of all those people from small cities and towns, who want to achieve something big in life. The dreams of all those aspirants were shattered.

I remember the first movie that I watched of Sushant was M.S. Dhoni. After watching that movie, I knew that this person right there was so talented and was capable of achieving great heights.

Dil Bechaara is a tribute to Sushant. He lived life on his own terms and when he had to leave, he left. The way and timing which he chose to leave us might be inappropriate, but he is in a better place now. He was struggling with his career, in his professional life, and maybe in his personal life too. But all his struggles have ended now.

A few days before his demise, he had posted an old picture of his mother and was reminiscing her. She had passed away when he was small. I believe that he is with his mother now who is keeping him safe from all the evils of the world. After all that he suffered, Sushant deserved at least this.


He will always be remembered for the talented artist he was. Dil Bechaara will be one of his most special and emotional movies.


I know that there are many people who do not wish to watch Dil Bechaara because they think that they will not be able to handle all that pain. I urge all of you to please go and watch the movie. As an artist, the only thing which one wants to be remembered by is his/her work. As his fans, the least we can do for him is this.






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