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From the last decade, freelancing has become a good career option and got immense recognition. Without any doubt! Its pros are countless. However, one con that emerges here is a slow payment gateway. After all, receiving payment on time for your efforts is the best motivation. And guess what? Here is a solution- the Refrens app, the best payment gateway exclusively made for freelancers and agencies.

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Before jumping into its best and free tools. Let’s know a few details about the company first.

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About Refrens 

The company ‘Refrens’ was founded in 2019 by Naman Sarawagi and Mohit Jain. It is based in Bengaluru, India. Moreover, the parent organization is Refrens Internet Pvt. Ltd. Further, the company name is set with an idea of freelancers getting businesses from the reference of former clients. Hence, it is a crucial part of their growth. Presently, over 12,000 businesses and freelancers are using the platform.

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Naman Sarwagi is also the founder of and works as product and marketing manager at Refrens. However, he had been a product manager at Freecharge and ZipDial.

On the other side, Mohit Jain manages the technical division and is also a CTO at Moreover, Jain has been working as a tech consultant at several startups.

Curious to know about Refrens Funding? Well, in May 2020, the company shared about how the funds have been raised. Funding has come from high-profile angel investors including Vijay Shekhar Sharma (Paytm Founder) and Anupam Mittal ( Founder). Also, there are other investors too who have been seen to participate in Refrens funding round.

Refrens- Aim, Vision, and Mission 

The company aims to create a network of businesses that help each other. Consequently, businesses will acquire more customers. Moreover, the idea behind launching Refrens is to solve the issues in collecting payments.

According to Refrens, the vision is to provide a smooth process to freelancers for the collection of payment. Besides, their Mission is to bring new clients to approx 10 Million freelancers and small businesses by the end of 2023.


Refrens- Best Payment Gateway 

With time, the payment gateway services are growing and have room to improve. Therefore, Refrens payment gateway is providing the platform for simple invoicing and payments collection systems to freelancers. In simpler words, it will become easy for freelancers to add options like payment methods and more for their clients.

Best payment gateway

The easiness of creating invoices and adding payments method will give a boost to freelancers’ work. Also, within 30 seconds, the invoice can be created via Refrens payment gateway. 

Refrens Free Tools

The platform provides a variety of tools for freelancers. All are free and easy to operate! Sound exciting right! So, here are the four best tools for users.

1. Refrens Invoice Generator

Refrens Invoice generator
Source: Refrens

With Refrens invoice generator, users can create invoices for free. It comes with numerous features that can be used to collect payments at a faster rate. Features include:

  • Quick and hassle-free invoices.
  • Can send an invoice through email and track.
  • Create recurring invoices.
  • Provide a range of premium invoice designs and templates.
  • Give insights and make a report.
  • Easy client management.
  • Customization of invoice format.

2. Quotation Generator

Quotation generator
Source: Refrens

Through Quotation Generator, users can create quotations within 2 minutes. Also, can select any design or color within the Refrens app. Moreover, it has multiple features that include as follows:

  • Feature to convert tax invoice from quotation.
  • Tracking of sent quotations.
  • Customization of quotations. For instance, adding a logo, signature, column, or template.
  • Easy management of clients in one place.
  • Lead management. 
  • Users can create unlimited and add numerous teams under one account.


3. Purchase Order Generator

Order purchase
Source: Refrens

Within the Refrens app, you can create a purchase order with ease. It provides free templates for creating purchase orders. To clarify, users have to fill in certain details in purchase orders such as purchase order (PO) and quotation number, order to details, product or service details, terms & conditions, etc. Moving to its features-

  • Customization of purchase orders like columns and fields.
  • Provide free PO templates.
  • Premium or professional PO templates and their customization.
  • PO can be sent via email and the gives tracking feature.
  • Record of all purchase orders and their customers.
  • Can convert it into expense with one click.
  • SSL secured network.

4. Escrow Management

International payment
Source: Refrens

This is the perfect tool to accept international payments. And, only charging a 1.8 percent commission fee per transaction done through Refrens. It is the lowest fee compared to other payment gateway platforms. Moreover, it is running in over 100 countries and has over 10,000 active users. According to these reasons, this is known as the best payment gateway. 

  • Provide great management for projects.
  • To give visibility to clients, create client-facing task lists.
  • Generate invoice with one click.
  • Provide multiple payment options for the clients.
  • Escrow service gives safeguard to prevent fraud activity. Also, SSL secured network for securing data.
  • Lastly, easy to operate from anywhere. 

Also Consider

The platform offers other tools also that are free and time-saving. Such as GST e-Invoicing, GST Bill Format, Proforma Invoice Format, Invoicing API, and more. Most importantly, businesses can hire freelancers via its free tool called ‘Hire A Freelancer’.

Refrens Pricing 

It is completely free for a lifetime. Users can use any tool enlisted above freely. However, if you need more upgrades in comprised features of tools, there are pricing plans too. Therefore, the platform offers four premium plans with more amazing features inside the tools for businesses. It includes a Monthly plan at ₹175; a Yearly plan at ₹1,800; 3 Yearly plans starting at ₹3,600. Further, for custom plans, users can directly contact them. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • What is the Refrens app?

Refrens is the online platform for freelancers to collect payments hassle-free. Also, they can connect with other freelancers via this platform. On it, users can create and manage invoices, purchase orders, and more.

  • Is Refrens free?

Yes, it is free for a lifetime. It requires no credit card and also no hidden charges. However, also comes with four plans with more features in the enlisted tools.

  • How can we create a free invoice online?

Through Refrens, users can create invoices online for free. Moreover, it offers various features inside the Refrens invoice generator tool.

  • How do I get an international payment gateway?

Refrens payment gateway also offers an international payment gateway tool along with multiple features. It charges the lowest commission fee of 1.8 percent of transactions made through it.



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