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As the whole world is suffering from the novel coronavirus, thousands of people are losing their lives because of this pandemic yet no proper medicine is there for COVID-19 treatment. Hundreds of scientists and labs are working on this terrible virus but are not successful to date.

In all this critical situation one of the professors of Delhi University – DR Brajesh Rathi has made his first attempt to fight against the deadly virus by making a coronavirus vaccine.

The professor of Delhi University claims that he has medicine that can fight against COVID-19 and cure the persons who are infected by the coronavirus.

The Things You May Know About It :

  • It consists of a Hydroxidethaleamine analog.
  • This medicine work against the COVID-19 protein target.
  • It is yet to pass through the lab tests.

DR Rathi successfully makes this medicine with the help of some other scientists of the US, Brazil and DRDO.

America’s open-source chemistry society has printed the research of Delhi University assistant professor- “DR. Brajesh Rathi” who claims that the result is initially observed in a molecule dynamic as it doesn’t allow the coronavirus to spread in the liver.  The good thing about this medicine is that it doesn’t have any deadly effect on the liver.

How does it work against the coronavirus?

Hydroxidethaleamine adds with the protein which is produced from the coronavirus and blocks the energy and hence coronavirus is not able to spread in the liver and soon reduces the effect.

DR Brajesh Rathi who is also a visiting professor in the US of MIT university had also claimed that several trials are still pending. This test will be in the INB lab which is located in Pune or maybe anywhere else. After all this test there will be one clinical test that will make this research successful.

It is noteworthy that this virus is spreading whole over the world and India is one of them. The number of cases is increasing day by day till now there are 4789 people who are infected by the coronavirus and 124 of them are no more with us due to this deadly virus. Hence at this time, we need more scientists and professors like DR Rathi we hope his invention may get successful and become a blessing for not only India but for the world also.

~Neha Dhingra

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