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The Independent Schools’ Association (ISA), Chandigarh has decided to reopen the schools for at least 33%minimum (teaching and non-teaching) staff from May 18 onwards. For the same, the meeting was conducted Friday, by The Independent Schools’ Association (ISA).

After the meeting, ISA presented its report to reopen the schools for streamlining work.

The Independent Schools’ Associations (ISA) also accepted to take only the monthly charges irrespective of their normal routine for collecting the quarterly fees.

Private schools in the Union Territory, Chandigarh have been granted permission to operate it is not teaching work with 33% employees on rotation-basis, for office work and drawing up of salary statements and other non-teaching works related to administration, from Monday, the  UT director of school education, Rubinderjit Singh Brar, told

He also informed the teacher who wish to take the online tutorials can attend the schools, but the classes shall remain suspended until any further notice.

Independent Schools’ Association (ISA) had decided they would be opening schools for teaching and non-teaching staff on rotational-basis from Monday onward to inculcate all the office works in schools.

The fourth phase of the Covid-19 lockdown was announced by the Indian Government. The country awaits another set of government announcements on steps to tackle the pandemic, with further easing of restrictions expected.

Nothing, however, has been clarified opening of the schools by the Central Government of India and when talking about the reports, even though there were some information from the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) and the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) are further planning to give the green signal for the new session to begin soon.


A tentative academic calendar was released the MHRD earlier in the month of  May for secondary school students to cover the syllabus during the lockdown seemed to indicate that children were not expected to meet the new classes soon as the guidelines read: “Teacher educators, teachers, and parents need to find the new ways to deal with this deadly pandemic arising out of the lockdown and the students must learn from the homes and complete their syllabus on time. While the Government of India putting in all efforts to flatten the epidemic curves, learning can continue at the residence too, and the learning curve of children must continue to incline.” The ministry has further launched a tentative calendar for the students who are in primary classes on 16 April 2020.


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