Pratibha Ranta Biography: A True Inspiration to Youth, know 5 Interesting Facts About Her

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Pratibha Ranta Biography: A True Inspiration to Youth, Know 5 Inspiring Facts About Her

Pratibha Ranta, a famous Indian actress, has worked in many Indian television shows and has even flaunted her acting skills in many web series like Lapataa Ladies and Heeramandi. Pratibha Ranta Biography is a topic to search about as she has an inspirational journey to talk about. Let us know about Pratibha Ranta’s Age, height, net worth, and plans.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Pratibha Ranta’s earlier life


Pratibha Ranta biography encompasses her education part also, she did her schooling at the Convent of Jesus Marry, Shimla, and graduated from Usha Pravin Gandhi College, Mumbai. She shifted to Mumbai to give a lift to her acting career and graduated from the same area.

Early interest

Pratibha had an interest in acting since childhood, she aimed to become an actress when she was a child. Her dream is to become an inspiration for all the Pahadi girls, as many actresses are there from Himachal Pradesh. Her goal is to their inspiration and guide them in their processes.

Early lifestyle

Pratibha Ranta was born in a Pahari Rajput family, she belong to Himachal Pradesh and later shifted to Mumbai to grace the Indian television with her presence. She stayed in Himachal Pradesh till 18 years of age and shifted to Mumbai when turned 19.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Personal Attributes of Pratibha Ranta Biography

Let us talk about the attributes that have attracted a lot of youngsters towards her. In this part, we will talk about her facial attributes, height, weight, etc.

• Height – Pratibha Ranta’s height is 5 feet 5 inches which is in meters is 1.65 m.

• Eye color – dark brown, has unique and different eye color which attracts people towards.

• Hair color – dark brown, has natural dark brown hair color. She likes to experiment with her hair color but her natural hair color is dark brown.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Pratibha family background

Pratibha belongs to a Pahadi background, her father’s name and mother both still live in Himachal Pradesh with her grandparents. Let us discuss the family members and their contributions to Pratibha Ranta Biography.
Earlier her parents were against her acting journey but later she managed to convince her parents and grandparents to let her pursue this career. She convinced her parents by continuously saying this is the dream that I want to achieve.


Pratibha Ranta’s father, Rajesh Ranta, is a pahadi and works there only. Her father supported her and even boosted her to pursue her desired career. It was very difficult to enter film background by staying at Himachal therefore her father suggested and helped her to move to Mumbai for better career options.


Pratibha Ranta’s mother, Sandesha Ranta, an important aspect of Pratibha Ranta Biography. Her mother stays in Shimla with her in-laws.


Pratibha Ranta has 2 siblings, an elder sibling, and a younger brother. Her sister helped a lot in Pratibha Ranta Biography, she moved along with Pratibha when she shifted to Mumbai. When Pratibha moved to Mumbai to pursue a modeling career.


Pratibha Ranta’s grandmother was a Hindi teacher, she used to conduct the play at school. Her grandmother used to keep her in the role which grew interest in acting in Pratibha Ranta.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

What grew acting interest in Pratibha Ranta?

Pratibha’s father was fond of watching movies, he used to watch movies straight day to night, after Pratibha came into his life, he started carrying her to watch movies. By watching movies she started feeling much more affectionate about being an actress.

Pratibha’s grandmother also played a role in Pratibha Ranta Biography, she was a Hindi teacher whom Pratibha used to study. Her grandmother used to handle the task of plays conducted in schools, her grandmother used to keep her in the act which grew interest of acting in her.

Pratibha Ranta date of birth

Pratibha Ranta was born in Shimla in year 2000. Pratibha Ranta Biography involves her date of birth, she was born on 17 Dec 2000, in the small village of Shimla. Pratibha at such a young age with no godfather in Bollywood was a huge success.

Start of Pratibha Ranta journey

Pratibha moved to Mumbai when she was 18 years old, she started her career with modeling and has won many achievements in the same. She won the Miss Mumbai title and after that people started recognising her. After that, she started giving auditions for the Indian television serials. Let us know about each aspect of Pratibha Ranta Biography in detail

Modeling career

Pratibha Ranta moved to Mumbai to start her career, she started her career with modeling and won the title Miss Mumbai title.

The first Indian television serial

After the title, she started getting recognition from people, she started giving auditions after the title. The serial she got was Qurbaan Hua. She did marvelous acting in her first debut and later started getting offers of web series which later gave her huge success.

First web series

Pratibha Ranta’s web series debut made her famous all across the nation, her beauty and talent made her famous and likable by everyone. She made her debut in a web series with the series name laapataa Ladies Did fantastic acting in that and made an audience fan of her.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Pratibha Ranta Web Series

Pratibha Ranta Biography involves web series and television shows, she has been seen as the lead real in two web series. Here are list of the web series done by her

Laapataa ladies

In 2024, Partibha played the role of swappeswapped wife in this particular series, her debut in the series made marvelous changes in her life. She became the national crush after the release of the series. She got selected for this role, the day she gave the auditions.


Partibha’s second web series has worked in an amazing and well-renowned web series, Heeramandi. Here she was cast with other lead actresses of Bollywood. The Heeramandi series is directed by the well-celebrated director of India, Sanjay Leela Bhansali. After this series, she was praised a lot as both the series are completely different but she slayed both the characters.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Pratibha Ranta television show

Pratibha Ranta biography contains a television show which moreover gave recognition and fame. After a lot of struggle and several rejections, she got her first serial that is Qurbaan Hua, she played the role of the lead actress as a chat. Her character in that show was loved and praised by all. Pratibha after that gave more auditions in search of better options and finally got her first web series. In 2020, at the age of 20, she got her first television show and Pratibha Ranta’s Biography is continued.

Pratibha Ranta interview

In an interview, Pratibha disclosed her feelings and dreams. Let us know about the details of the interview –

1. Pratibha Ranta in an interview was asked about the journey of lead actress Kangana Ranaut, she replied that she did not approach or take help from her but was inspired by her. As Kangana Ranaut herself is a pahadi, it inspired pratibha a lot.

2. In an interview she opened up about her teacher who helped her, some friends were in the acting line. Her teacher gave her an overview of the acting line, he explained both sides of the acting line. He even said to her that if you work hard you will get success.

3. In the interview, she added that she has given a lot of auditions before but was rejected for different reasons. She was rejected many times for her young age and child face. In 2020 she got her first serial, which made her happiest.

4. In her interview she disclosed how she got the lead role as Jaya in Lapaata Ladies, when she was giving auditions, she came to know that Amir Khan’s production is making a new series with new commoners. This gave her hope and then she went for auditions.

5. She said that she did not get a second thought after reading the script, she was amazed by the script, and at that specific time, she signed the film. This particular series brought a turnover in Pratibha Ranta Biography.

6. Pratibha flaunts her friends, stating that her friends have helped her a lot during her acting phase, before the casting of Lapaataa ladies she went to her friends, they helped her and even taught her dialogue delivery.

Life After 2 famous web series


Pratibha in an interview shared her feelings towards this topic, she stated that she has evolved a lot during these four years of struggle. She added that, when she moved to Mumbai she was not mature enough to take her life decisions independently but now she is mature enough that she can take life decisions alone.
Pratibha says that she is enjoying her journey, she said that working with two different big directors was an interesting task. She added that the training skills of both were extremely different but she learned a lot from both of them.


Pratibha said that she has gained a lot of confidence after working with different directors, as the teaching skills of both the directors were extremely different which gave her confidence that she can work on different forms.


She added that she achieved punctuality after working, she learned to arrive on time and take care of herself. She learned to eat on time and be in a healthy lifestyle. She added that she will continue this lifestyle for a lifetime.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Pratibha Ranta relationship

Pratibha Ranta stated about her relationship status that she is not involved in any love angle as of now. She wants to focus on her career and her dream is to achieve heights in acting line. She is single and has no plans of marriage now.
Pratibha Ranta and her co-actor of Laapataa Ladies were seen on good friendship terms, in an interview it was seen that her co-actor was flirting with her. It seemed like he wanted to be in a relationship with her.

Pratibha Ranta in Heeramandi

Pratibha Ranta in Heeramandi was filmed as a beautiful small girl who protested with her mother. She gracefully did the role and gained much popularity after the release of Heeramandi. She said in an interview that working in this series was a magical experience, she learned a lot by being surrounded by several lead Bollywood actresses.

She added that working with Kirna Rao director of her first series and working with Sanjay Leela Bhansali was different, but these made her learn different techniques and ideas of acting.

Social media accounts of Pratibha Ranta

Social media handles add up in the Pratibha Ranta Biography. She is socially active and posts content related to her shoots, pictures, own life, etc. She uses her social media accounts to communicate and connect with her fans, she shares pictures of her which are loved by her fans. Let us talk about different social media handles where she is active


Pratibha Ranta’s Instagram username is Pratibha Ranta, she is active on Instagram and has 2.1 million followers with 232 posts. Her posts consist of different parameters like photos, videos, advertisements, etc. She uses her social media platform as an earning source, as she posts advertisements and collaborates with different brands.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram

Lesser known facts about Pratibha Ranta Biography

1. Pratibha used to go to a dance academy to learn dance in Shimla, she had a great interest in dance and drama.

2. Pratibha during the promotion of her first web series, distributed posters of her series and even told that I am in this movie please go and watch. She made people curious about the series and thus promoted her first movie in this way.

3. Pratibha is a great fan of Amir Khan when she came to know that Amir’s production is releasing a movie with freshers, she said that I couldn’t miss that opportunity and ran to give auditions for that.

4. Pratibha interest in acting was from the starting that is when she was in school. Pratibha worked as a theater actor when she was doing her schooling.

5 . Pratibha belongs to a small village in Himachal Pradesh, she mentioned in an interview that her house is filled with trees and plants. She misses that atmosphere in Mumbai.

6. When Amir Khan during the casting period said to tell me about you, she started praising her hometown and even confessed about the farms of apples they have in their hometown.

7. In 2018, she won the title Miss Mumbai. This was the time when she moved to Mumbai from Shimla to pursue her acting career.

8. She moved to Mumbai with her elder sister, her elder sister Abha Ranta is herself an actress, and she won the title Miss Navi Mumbai.

9. Pratibha Ranta Biography would have not been the same if she had not convinced her parents. Her parents at the start were worried and tensed about her career as they did not have any approach and godfather in Bollywood.

10. Pratibha Ranta Biography,  has become an inspiration for the Pahadi people, as people of Himachal feel insecure and are not confident about this path. Her dream was to become a source of inspiration for pahadi youngsters.

Pratibha Ranta Biography
Source: Instagram


Pratibha Ranta, a national crush, started her journey by convincing her parents to allow her to shift to Mumbai for better opportunities. She shifted to Mumbai with her elder sister, both were pursuing their modeling career, and both sisters even won the title. Pratibha was awarded Miss Mumbai and her elder sister was awarded Miss Navi Mumbai. In 2020 she got her television show and In 2024 she did 2 blockbuster web series which made her famous all across.

Lesser known facts about Pratibha Ranta biography(FAQs)

1. What is the age of Pratibha Ranta?

Pratibha Ranta Biography involves this part, she is 24 years old as of the year 2024 as she was born in the year 2000. During the time of her first television serial, she was 20 years old and during the time of her first web series, she was 23 years old.

2. What is the height of Pratibha Ranta?

Pratibha Ranta is 5 points 5 inches tall, her height has been a major reason for her attractive body. Her height in meters is 1.65 m.

3. When did Pratibha get her first web series?

Pratibha got her first web series in 2024, she did 2 blockbuster web series in the same year. Her debut in a web series was with Lapaataa Ladies and later did Heeramandi. Her debut web series made her the favorite of audiences and directors.

4. What made Pratibha Ranta biography famous?

Pratibha Ranta Biography became famous after she did the Lapaataa ladies series, in which she was shown as a bold and educated character who was fighting for her rights. She did her first web series in the year 2024.

5. What are the achievements included in Pratibha Ranta biography?

Pratibha’s achievement started with the Miss Mumbai award and later was awarded many Filmfare awards for acting.

6. Who is Jaya from lapaataa ladies?

The lead character of Jaya in the Lapata Ladies was performed by Pratibha Ranta. Pratibha performed the role of a swapped wife who struggles to get her rights.

7. What is the status of the Pratibha Ranta relationship?

Pratibha Ranta has not disclosed her relationship status, she is unmarried and does not have any plans of marriage now.

8. What about pratibha Ranta in Heeramandi?

Pratibha Ranta was also filmed in Heeramandi, in which she played the role of a beautiful young girl named Shama who objected to her mother.

9. How many serials has Pratibha Ranta done?

Pratibha started her journey with the serial Qurbaan Hua, in that serial she performed the lead role with another lead male actor. Pratibha Ranta’s Biography started with her first serial.

10. Pratibha Ranta date of birth?

Pratibha Ranta was born on 17 December in the year 2000. She was born in the small Village of Shimla and later shifted to Mumbai to pursue her career in acting line.


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