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Pragati Scholarship is a government scholarship scheme that is implemented by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
AICTE is a statutory body. It works towards the integrated development of technical and management education. AICTE is responsible for the standard of technical education in the country.

The government grants this scholarship to those girls who pursue technical education. Every year, the total number of 4,000 scholarships are paid every year to all the excellent girls. Those girls who win this scholarship get Rs. 30,000 as scholarship and Rs. 2000 as contingency grants every month for 10 months each year. This scholarship began in 2015. That year thousands of girls got benefit from this scholarship. All the girls admitted to the first year of their diploma or degree can get this scholarship. The amount for the scholarship is Rs. 30,000. Girls can apply for this scholarship in the month of October, November, and December. They can fill in the application form by visiting the AICTE portal.
The application period can be changed if the scholarship provider wants to make any changes in it.

Pragati Scholarship


The AICTE Pragati Scholarship pays the total number of 4,000 scholarships to girls who are excellent in their academics. 2,000 scholarships are given to girls who are pursuing a degree program and 2,000 scholarships are given to those girls who are pursuing a diploma course.

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Here are some of the details of the Pragati Scholarship amount:

  • Those girls who are selected get a tuition fee of Rs. 30,000 or their entire tuition fee is paid, whichever is less.
  • Selected girls also get a contingency amount of Rs. 2,000 every 10 months each year.
  • In case tuition fee is compensated, the scholarship amount of Rs. 30,000 is given to the girls in the form of some activities like the purchase of books, equipment, laptops and software, Desktop and Vehicle. The scholarship can also be paid in the form of fees paid during competitive exams application form or examination fees for all exams related to higher education or employment.


For Pragati Scholarship, students have to appear for exams. The examination date varies from year to year. The last date on which students can apply for the Pragati Scholarship in 2018 was 15 November. In 2018, the last date to apply for the scholarship exam was 8 October. In Pragati Scholarship 2019, around 1937 students got the scholarship. Pragati Scholarship 2019 was given to the girls studying in the colleges of Kerala, Telangana and many more. Candidates can check the list of students of Pragati Scholarship 2019 on the official website of AICTE. Those students who have to apply for this scholarship must be studying in AICTE approved colleges or institutions. Further details regarding the eligibility criteria for the Pragati scholarship are given below.


Students must be in the first year of diploma or degree program of AICTE approved college or institution. She should be admitted in the current academic year through the centralized admission process of state or central government. In a family, not more than two girls can apply for this scholarship. During the preceding financial year, students filling the application form should not have an annual income of more than 8 Lakh. In case the student applying for this scholarship is married, her parents or in-laws’ annual income would be considered, whichever is higher. Students applying for AICTE Pragati Scholarship have to apply through the AICTE portal.


Candidates have to follow the given steps to fill in the application form while Pragati Scholarship login.

  •  Register on the AICTE portal and create a new profile.
  •  On registering on the portal, the candidate will receive a mail for confirmation on the registered Email ID.
  • Click on the link. The registration on AICTE will be confirmed.
  • Log into the AICTE portal with the registered email ID or username and password to fill the scholarship application form.
  • Fill in the personal details, family and income details, college or institution details, education, and bank details while filling the application form.
  • Upload the scanned copies of the documents required while filling the application form.
  • Submit the application form.

In order to fill in the application form, visit the AICTE website portal:


There are some necessary documents that candidates need to submit while filling the application form during Pragati Scholarship login. The candidate has to submit the scanned copies of the required documents to complete the application process. The documents required during Pragati Scholarship login are:

  • Class 10th Mark sheet.
  •  Class 12th Mark sheet.
  •  Family Annual Income Certificate of the preceding year in the same manner by Tehsildar or above competent authority.
  • Admission letter that is issued by the Centralized Admission Authority of a first-year degree program or diploma course for the current academic year.
  •  The receipt of tuition fees which is paid for the current academic year.
  •  Aadhaar linked bank passbook. It will show the candidate’s name, account number, IFSC code, and photo pasted at the appropriate place. It will be signed by the manager with a rubber stamp of the bank affixed on it.
  •  Candidates are required to submit a certificate issued by the Director/Principal/HOD according to the prescribed format.
  • In case the candidate is of the SC/ST OBC category, she needs to attach the attested copy of the caste certificate.
  •  An application with parents’ signature in the prescribed format is required that states all the information provided by the candidate is correct. In case of any false information, the scholarship amount will be refunded.
  •  Aadhaar Card of the candidate.
  •  Passport size photo of the candidate.
  • Candidate’s signature
    All these documents are required while Pragati Scholarship login. AICTE Pragati Scholarship applicants are selected on a merit basis.


Candidates will apply for the entrance exams into the technical course of an AICTE approved college or institution. Their entrance exam Marks would be considered. When the committee selects students for AICTE scholarship, some number of seats are reserved for specific category students like 15 percent for SC, 7.5 percent for ST and 27% for OBC category students. There are some terms are conditions that need to be followed by the candidates.


The terms and conditions are:

  • All the candidates have to submit scanned copies of passport size photo and signature in JPG/JPEG format when they will fill the application form.
  •  The photo in JPG/JPEG format should not be more than 200 kb and the signature should not be more than 50 kb.
  •  Those students who apply in AICTE colleges or universities through management quota are not eligible to apply for Pragati Saksham Scholarship.
  • It is compulsory for the students to have general savings account in a bank. They are not allowed to use FRILL/Minor/Joint account.
  •  Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) will help to transfer the amount of Pragati Saksham Scholarship into the candidate’s bank account.
  •  If eligible candidates would not be available in any degree program or diploma course, the scholarship will be transferred.
    If candidates would have any questions or doubt regarding the Pragati Saksham Scholarship, they can submit their doubts on the Email ID mentioned below.
    Email ID:

Pragati Scholarship is a great initiative to encourage girls of society and today’s generation. It not only help and motivate girls to perform their best in their academics but also provides financial assistance to them. Pragati Scholarship is only for the girls. Girls from many regions become a part of the Pragati Saksham Scholarship. If there are more than two girls in a family and every girl is studying in AICTE affiliated college, only two girls are eligible to get a scholarship from each family. Only those girls who are a part of AICTE colleges or universities are eligible to apply for the Pragati Saksham Scholarship.
Those candidates who are excellent in their academic performance can apply for the Pragati Saksham Scholarship.



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