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We conventionally expect talks on entrepreneurship to be boring, all commerce related and very technical. But Priyanka Gill’s presence had painted the air with every bit of fun, enthusiasm and fashion!

Her enriching talk started with a pun-intended quote- “Don’t do it. Do it. Just kidding”, as an advice to all young aspiring entrepreneurs. Her interactive session ranged from all, from her favorite designers to her favorite books. We had the taste of every speck of life , from feminism to work-life balance.

At 37, she can challenge any supermodel without her awe-worthy figure!  And to achieve this, a typical day for our acclaimed Girl boss starts at 6, with an intense workout session, cut to breakfast with her kids which leads to a long day at office and ends with a hearty and peaceful dinner. Like every relatable Girl, she binge-watches shows and her favorite being Gossip Girl! *Relatable much*

Her priorities are straight and she doesn’t dream for the World. Three things is what she wants and what she gets  is : fitness, family and work.  Her 37 years of life have taught her simple yet relatable things like- sustainability, measure up things, her reaction to life and most importantly, self-confidence.  Her motto is simple for her brand. She targets common Girls us and inspires them to teach them in all shapes, colors and sizes. For her, the most important thing still stands to her principles and like every principled Girl, she condemns fairness creams and doesn’t advertise them in anyway.

Her thoughts on feminism are as gentle as her. She simply budges away the fact that she has comparison with Women-Centric portals like Vagabomb, Refinery29. For her feminism should be gentle and that she advertises in all her posts. To get the mojo and to create a stir of her brand, she simply has realistic goals and the thrill to achieve them, makes her win every time. For her work is truly worship, her work is her meditation. Working is calming her inner-self.

She is someone who is a true patriot at her heart, and hence she left her posh lifestyle in London to achieve karmic peace in her Motherland India. Her journey has been indeed like a roller coaster, from still being impatient to cringe-worthy faces at ill-prepared people, she simply doesn’t have room for all mistakes.

Entrepreneurship comes with a Grapevine for hard decisions and at moments like this, she turns to her Bible ‘The Hard Thing About Hard Thing’ by Ben Horowitz and ‘Influence’ by Robert Cladini. Her battles have been won and with grace and style. She explicitly has chosen hard-work.

From being modish to sedulous, she is the true inspiration for all little girls who wish to carve a beautiful niche for themselves!

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