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              Popular Degrees for Graduation in India

India still falls under the category of a developing country, and therefore one thing which most Indian parents want is to provide their children with a good education. There are still a lot of parents who despite trying day and night can only afford a part of the knowledge they want to give to their children. Being able to complete their graduation is still a dream for many in India. The government is always working towards attaining such a country where education will be affordable to all and even to those below the poverty line. Courses such as BA and BBA are some of the most popular courses students take up in their college for attaining degrees.


Education is India, follows a specific structure. It starts with the prior three years of nursery and kindergarten for the children, which are then followed by ten years of formal education in various schools which are under different state, central or private boards. Once the students are done with their secondary board examination (10th standard board examinations), the students move forward to choose any one of the three streams of Humanities, Science or Commerce according to their choice and strength in the particular subjects. This choice can further help the students to take up the courses they want in colleges such as BCA and other ones.


This is followed by two years of vigorous schooling in those specific subjects. Then the students are supposed to appear for the higher secondary board examination or the 12th standard board examinations. The very recent change in the education policy, which was introduced by the Education Ministry has changed the former education policy after decades. This change was mainly done so that the students can gain a holistic and overall development, and their co-curricular and artistic minds can be appreciated along with their study grades. The policy also states that the rigid system of the 10+2 system of schooling has been changed and that the students will be allowed a more flexible choice of subjects in their higher secondary education. This will enable the students to choose any college courses such as the Bachelor of Arts(BA) or the BBA(Bachelor of Business Administration), which is one of the most popular bachelor degree programs in India which students take up after their 12th examinations.


The Bachelor of Business Administration course is a gateway for the students for numerous job opportunities in sectors like marketing, education, finance, and sales in various multinational companies. It is a three or four-year course depending on the colleges and the universities and is open to students from all the three streams. This course provides the students with the knowledge and professional training in leadership and management skills and prepares the bulk of students for entrepreneurship and managerial jobs. The students are prepared through a vigorous training period of years with projects, practicals, and are taught various aspects of business and administration and are sent to multiple internships for practical life experience and training. The BBA can be done in full time or distance mode as well, and the various specializations provided are Human resource management, finance, sales and marketing, and information technology.


The Bachelor of Computer Application is another degree course that has gained massive popularity among the students in the 21st century. The students are now much more attracted to the newest technologies than any other thing in the world. Technology is the new future, and therefore it is essential for the students to know all about it. BCA is a three or four-year undergraduate course depending on the different colleges or universities. It is a joint degree for CS and IT students at Indian universities and is almost an alternative to the engineering counterpart. It is a technical degree that prepares students for a career in the field of computer science and software development. The three or four years consists of various subjects such as Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced), Networking, World-Wide-Web, Data Structure, Advanced C Language Programming, Database Management, Mathematics, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming using C++, Programming using PHP, JAVA, Oracle, Operating Systems, Web Scripting and Development, Mathematical Foundation of Computer Sciences and many more similar ones.


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