Poet Muhammad Iqbal
Source: India Today

At the 27 May meeting, Delhi University’s Academic Council decided to drop Poet Muhammad Iqbal from the undergraduate Political Science syllabus. Moreover, Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh stated that who tried to divide ndia should not be in the syllabus.

During the announcement, DU VC Yogesh Singh also said to focus on teaching Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar more. He said, “Muhammad Iqbal is one who wrote songs to encourage the Muslim League and Pakistan Movement. He wrote the famous song ‘Saare Jahan Se Achha’ which was meant to develop the idea of Pakistan.”

“Poet Muhammad Iqbal was the first to raise the idea of partition of India and Pakistan. So, it’s better to study our national leaders and fighters instead of studying such persons who break India,” added Mr Singh.

Further, students used to study Iqbal in the chapter ‘Modern Indian Political Thought’. This chapter is part of B.A. (Prog.) 6th semester. 

Delhi University recommends dropping the word “Hindu” from the titles of two chapters

DU to set up Centre for Independence and Partition Studies

In the Academic Council meeting, the proposal to establish the Centre for Independence and Partition Studies and a Tribal Studies Centre was passed. The former centre will focus on research on less-known heroes and the Freedom movement. 

Also, on 14 August 2021, PM Narendra Modi announced that day will be considered Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. 

Students, academics oppose DU decision to replace B.El.Ed Course

Delhi University said, “The partition of India incidents will be researched and the suffering of that tragedy will be studied. The study will also focus on understanding the phase of the struggle in achieving independence from foreign rule. Also, understanding the losses and suffering faced by people during the partition.”




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