Prime Minister Narendra Modi
indicated efforts to open the economizing would begin again to be maintained in line with relaxations confirmed so far even as accomplishments to reduce the incidence of Covid-19 resume apace and social distancing norms are followed.

Modi indicated that a more graded relaxation of the lockdown could be on its way after May 17, during an interchange with chief ministers on Monday. “I am of the corporation view that the gauges expected in the first phase of lockdown was not desired during the second stage and, similarly, the extents needed in the third stage are not expected in the fourth,” an authorized release quoted the PM as telling.

We have a twofold challenge — to reduce the information rate of the disease and to increase public activity gradually — while adhering to all the guidelines,” he said.

The long interaction, where all the CMs spoke, saw some in favor of continuing with the lockdown beyond May 17. Lent the anxiety on containment, the lockdown may not be revoked even as more easing of curbs, exceptionally in ‘green zones’, is on the anvil.

While Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee disagreed about the Centre’s “unilateral” actions, she like other CMs such as Uddhav Thackeray and Nitish Kumar favored an expansion of the lockdown. Kumar disseminated misgiving on the resumption of the train service.

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan explained states should be authorized to agree on the public vehicles while Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik implied there should be wide lockdown beliefs. Thackeray conveyed suspicion over announcements of the second wave of disease in China.

Sources said the Prime Minister was very knowledgeable about the need to proceed with all efforts to comprise the disease so that increases of the lockdown were not missed and also pertained indirectly to the need to concentrate on difficult areas.

“We now have a piece of reasonably clear evidence as to the geographical stretch of the pandemic in India, encompassing worst influenced areas. Moreover, over the past few weeks, officials have comprehended operating methods in a time such as this, right up to the district level,” Modi said, indicating that the disease tracking means was increasing experience and evolving more effective.

The PM further said now the action should be to stop the stretch of Covid-19 to rural areas. The announcement came in the context of rustic areas having continued fairly free of infections.
He said one must comprehend that the world had fundamentally changed post-COVID-19. “Now, the nation will be pre-corona, post-corona just like the case of the world wars,” he added. PM Modi said the different way of life would be on the belief of “Jaan se lekar jag tak”, from a person to the whole of humanity.


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