PM Modi

On 3rd June 2021, PM Modi joined an online interaction with the class 12th students organized by the education ministry. This online meet with the students emphasized knowing their opinions on the sudden cancellation of Board Exams. Thus, PM Modi asked students about their plans and urged them to stay productive and utilize their time.

In this surprise online session, both students, as well as their parents participated. So, the live interaction was over half an hour long and the prime minister motivated the students to stay fit and focused on their future.

PM Modi urges students to stay healthy and productive:

He shared the mantra, “Health is Wealth” and asked students about what they do to stay fit. Also, students were motivated to utilize their time productively and creatively and not feel stressed about any exams. The sudden cancellation of exams had created a ruckus among class 12th students. So, this interaction to clarify their doubts was important.

The cancellation of exams has indeed created a vacuum in student’s life as those preparing for exams have nothing to do now. So, PM Modi urges them to have faith in the decision as it is for their own well-being.

Students respond to Prime minister Modi:

Hiteshwar Sharma, a class 12th student from Panchkula says that he had prepared hard for the exams. However, he adds, that his knowledge is not wasted. Another student from Guwahati showed his belief in the wise decision for them.


Parents shared their thoughts that students can now entirely focus on college entrance exams and admissions. Thus, earlier there was a lot of pressure over the fate of the class 12th exams and students were in a state of confusion. But, now they can study on exams like JEE, NEET, and other entrances. Parents also suggested that in this free time 12th students on activities like dance, music, exercise, etc.



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