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Calling yourself a ‘wanderlust’ or ‘wandering soul’ without a solo trip? Give your dream a gateway through solo trips. Navigating yourself to explore the beauty of this earth turns your life in the best way possible and brings improvement. That adventure not only brings fun and excitement to life but also prepare you for life ahead. Here are reasons why all the wanderlusts should go for a solo trip.

1. Flexibility

Solo trips simply mean planning your trips without any interference.  Solo travels give you the flexibility to include only your favourites sites and destinations on your bucket list. You have the power to change plan spontaneously without thinking much about your companions, hotels, dates and budget etc.

2. Connect you to the locals

The best part about solo trips is you develop an affinity to learn about the culture and ethnicity of the area you are visiting in detail. Since you do not have any companion, you look forward to strangers for small conversation which help you in making new friends and enrich the travel experience.

3. Spend as much time as you want

Traveling in a group leads to lot of compromises and negotiations .Traveling alone cut off all those problems and allows you to work according to your wish list. You want to spend time watching that beautiful sunset or in the vicinity of spiritual vibes in a temple. It’s all upon you. There is no hurry for the next destination or site.

4. No Arguments

Getting lost in the mid of trip is common which is generally followed by arguments and then blame games among companions.  Solo trips have advantage in that case. You don’t waste time in arguments for those wrong turns. Instead take finding way back as a challenge.

5. Give alone time

Solo trips gives you best “me- time” which is hard to catch in this digital world. Solo trips liberate your mind from stress and recharge your battery. It gives you time to look at your future goals with a fresh mind. Traveling solo provide you ample time for introspection.

6. Bring you out of comfort zone

Traveling alone more bring you out of comfort zone. It will boost your confidence. It may feel bit nervous in the starting but in the end you will feel as if you have captured the world. The feeling will be satisfying when you realize all you have to rely on in ‘You’.

7. Give strength to deal with life issues

Travellers return home refreshed with a new perspective toward life. The experience gained in solo trip teaches how to deal with real issues of life. You know you have travelled the world alone, suffered few difficulties and enjoyed as well.You never complain about things that didn’t work to anyone instead laugh it off and add it as an experience.

8. Teach valuable life lessons

Travelling teach a lot of valuable life lessons like an art of negotiation when you are low on budget, patience when you are standing in long queues, a habit of collecting memories and inculcate quality of decision making and what not!

There are infinite many reasons for one to go for a solo trip. Push yourself beyond limited life, people and places. Solo travels reveal a world which is far more wonderful and unexpected than we realize. Ek Baar solo trip Nahi Kiya to kya Kiya!

Anushikha Chaudhary


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