A portal has been created by the government to view the status of a scholarship named the PFMS portal. PFMS stands for a public financial management system, which means a portal that helps students who are studying to get scholarships or want to check their status online if they are delayed in getting scholarships. This article will help you to know more about the scholarship and how to go check the status of scholarship from the PFMS portal and how to use the PFMS portal.

What is the PFMS Portal?

The online portal was started in the year 2008 as a pilot project in 4 states Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, and Mizoram. MGNREGS, NRHM, SSA, PMGSY I After the initial phase of setting up networking, the online portal was rolled out at the central level to connect to the financial network of Central State Government and State Government agencies. PFMS’S full form is the public financial management system. Which currently works at the central level and keeps track of pfms/Dbt payment and its status.

How to check Pfms scholarship status?

To check pfms bank scholarship status, first, you have to go to its official website As soon as you go to, its homepage will open up in this way. To check pfms status follow the mentioned steps:

• To check online scholarship status, first of all, you need to enter your bank name.
• After entering the pfms bank name, you have to enter your bank account number, re-enter your bank account number.
• Enter the captcha code shown in the captcha box in the captcha box and click on the search button.
• As soon as you click on the search button, PFMS payment status will open in front of you.

Note: – By following the methods mentioned above carefully, you can get the information about your scholarship status very easily.
So far you have received information about PFMS Portal, PFMS knows your payment. Next, we will also inform you about the benefits of the PFMS Scholarship and how many types of scholarships are given under it.

Benefits of PFMS Portal

• This Scholarship Yojana has been started to benefit the children of poor families who are unable to pursue their studies.
• They do not have enough money to prepare for any major exam, for them, the school institution and schools run scholarship schemes. The scholarship under which is done through pfms/dbt payment.
• This Scholarship includes all such small schools and institutions that accept Scholarship applications, the online Portal is a centrally functioning portal under which students can apply and avail PFMS Scholarship.

Features of PFMS Portal

After getting registered on the PFMS know your payment, you get a lot of services which we are explaining in detail below.

• Service 1. Direct Scholarship Transfer (pfms/dbt payment): After getting registered on the pfms means, students get the PFMS salary slip is money directly into their account through direct scholarship transfer (pfms/dbt payment).
• Service 2. Time-saving – Students can immediately apply for this scholarship 2020 on the official portal as it does not require any papers to be submitted, so the registration process is quite fast.
• Service 3. Automatic Payments: – this Scholarship 2019 conducts all the processes related to verification, case, approval, and details of submission of scholarship to students through automatic pfms means, the student has to register himself and sit without any rest.
• Service 4. Easy PFMS payment status checks online – The biggest feature of the online portal is that students can check their scholarship status very easily through the online PFMS portal due to their bank account numbers.
• Service 5. Easy Helpline Direct Contact Support – If students need any type of information above any payment, then they can directly contact the PFMS Scholarship Portal.
• Service 6. Fast PFMS salary slip Renewal – The biggest feature of the PFMS payment status Portal is that students can renew their application on top of it very easily. Because for portal Renewal you have to use the same registration ID that you got earlier.

List of scholarships offered by PFMS portal

The following scholarships are offered under the PFMS Scholarship:

• PFMS Scholarship for University and College Students 2020
• This Scholarship 2020 for Post Matric Sc Students
pfms login scholarship 2020 for Pre Matric SC students
• National means cum merit scholarship for students PFMS Scholarship 2020
• PFMS Scholarship 2020 for promotion of girls of secondary education
• Top Class Education Scheme for SC scholarship 2020 7
• Scholarship 2020 for scheduled caste students who are going to merit
• Scholarship 2020 for OBC and Post Matric Scholarship students

Eligibility and criteria for PFMS portal

If you want to take advantage of the online portal then you must have the following eligibility.
• First of all the applicant should be an Indian citizen.
• The annual income of the PFMS applicant’s family should be less than Rs 6 lakh.
• If you are thinking of applying for this scholarship then you must be between 18 and 25 years old.
• Candidates should have passed at least the tenth standard.
• Maintenance and all fees will be paid through the program under the scheme.

Key points of pfms scholarship 2020

To avail benefits under Scholarship pfms status login pfms.nic in, you have to fully meet the eligibility and criteria prescribed under PFMS Scholarship 2020. The scholarship parameters are mentioned in detail in the information board, before applying, carefully check the parameters of the information board but fulfill the necessary conditions.
The eligibility and criteria will be analyzed by the supervisors and officials before submitting the scholarship application form. If the following criteria are not met by the applicant, then in such a situation their application will not be accepted and such applicants will not be awarded scholarships.

Public Financial Management System

(PFMS) offers various types of PFMS Scholarship 2020 to schools and colleges at the following levels.
Under this, it is ensured that the candidate who has applied for the Scholarship 2019-20 is eligible for it or not and is able to fulfill the scholarship eligibility.
To avail the scholarship, you have to fill some information carefully which is a name, mobile number, email id, date of birth, gender, the board of education, enrollment, and class last year result mark certificate, name of institute, all this information will give you a lot of attention. If any information is found to be incorrect, then the application will be rejected.

Documents required for PFMS scholarship

If you want to get a PFMS salary slip, then you have to have the following documents for this.

• Aadhaar card mandatory, it is very necessary for the applicant to have an Aadhaar card to take advantage of this Scholarship 2020
• Education Certificate: – To apply PFMS online, the applicant must have an education certificate.
• 12th pass certificate: – For this scholarship application, you must be at least 12th pass, for which you must give 12th pass certificate.
• Passport size photograph required In order to apply Online, you should have a fee receipt that you have submitted to the organization.

• Note: – If you fulfill the above-written requirement and required documents, then you can apply PFMS Online very easily. So till now, you have got almost information related to PFMS. You have known what is PFMS payments, what is the PFMS portal ?, scholarship prerequisites and documents required to do PFMS online. Next, we will tell you the process of doing online registration on the online portal.

All about Public Financial Management System

Public Financial Management System at first began as an Arrangement plot named CPSMS of the Arranging Commission in 2008-09 as a pilot in four Conditions of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, and Mizoram for four Lead plans, for example, MGNREGS, NRHM, SSA, and PMGSY. After the underlying period of setting up a system across Services/Offices, it has been chosen to attempt the National rollout of CPSMS to interface the monetary systems of Focal, State Governments, and the organizations of State Governments. The plan was remembered for the twelfth Arrangement activity of Arranging Commission and Service of Money.

In December 2013 the Association Bureau endorsed the national turn out of this scholarship for all States and plans for a time of four years till 2017 as follows:

(I) The absolute cost of the plan to be actualized through the O/o CGA would be not more than Rs. 1080 crore.

(ii) Four layered task association structure viz.

1. Project Implementation Committee (PIC) at the pinnacle level

2. The Central Project Management Unit (CPMU) at Center

III. SPMU or State Project Management Unit, state level
3. District Project Management Unit (DPMU) at the district level to be kept an eye on through re-appropriating

• The mandate given to PFMS payments by Bureau choice is to give:

•A monetary administration stage for all arrangement conspires, a database of all beneficiary organizations, combination with the central financial arrangement of banks taking care of plan reserves, joining with State Depositories, and proficient and successful following of store stream to the most reduced degree of execution for a plan of the Legislature.

•To give data overall arrangement plans/execution organizations in the nation on finance use prompting better checking, audit, and choice emotionally supportive network to upgrade open responsibility in the usage of plan plans.

•To bring about adequacy and economy In broad daylight Money The board through better money the board for Government straightforwardness in open use and continuous data on asset accessibility and usage across plans. The turn out will likewise bring about improved program organization and the board, decrease of the buoy in the framework, direct installment to recipients, and more noteworthy straightforwardness and responsibility in the utilization of open assets. The proposed framework will be a significant apparatus for improving administration.

Pfms Scholarship 2020 Online Registration, PFMS Registration

• In order to register in this scholarship, you need to visit the official website of PFMS that is
• At that time when you visit the website, there will be an option of PFMS Scholarship Student Registration on the home page itself, you need to tap on the option to register.
• After that you need to choose your scheme as an example Scholarship for University and College Students
• Now you have to enter the following information
• Enter the information of when you passed class 12th and from which board.
• Enter the pfms bank account number and bank IFSC code.
• Once you fill the details there will be dropdown-menu which you will see in which you have to select your category. Choose the category and tap the search button.
• As soon as you submit the information, your information will be displayed on the portal and your application form will be filled automatically by the system. The information that is not correct or needs improvement, you should correct it here.
• Now you enter your mobile number here and an OTP will be sent to that mobile number
• Enter the OTP on the mobile number and proceed.
• Now your mobile number has been verified, now you have to enter your email id here.
• Here, now you have to create a user ID and password.
• Select the User ID and Password Enter the given captcha code and proceed.
• Now you have to submit the final.

PFMS login Transaction For FY 2020-21

With the Public Financial Management System, several crores of rupees have been processed for millions of transactions every day. In the financial year, the total number of transactions in 2020-21 is Rs 6,12,60,225. 70,102 crores so far.


PFMS login Contact List Scheme Wise

On the chance that you need data identified with a specific arrangement about explicit things, you can likewise look for the assistance of specialists. Here is the methodology that you need to follow to know the number of concerned division or individual arrangement savvy:
• To check you must go to the official website
• From the open sheet go to the options available on the left-hand side did.
• Choose the “scheme-wise contact list” option
• List appears You can search the name of the plan in the list.
• You can also fill your details such as scheme name, plan group type, and plan type.
• Click on the search option and the information appears.

Steps to track NPS payment status under PFPS

• In order to track NPS STATUS, firstly you have to visit the official website of PFMS payment
• Tap on the “Track NPS Status” option from the option given in the official portal.
• After that you have to fill your details such as bank, account number or NPS application ID
• Fill your verification code
• Tap on the screen displays the search options and information.

PFMS Login Process

If you wish to login via the official portal that is then please follow the mentioned in steps: –
• First visit the official website of PFMS.
• Homepage will appear, choose your year theirs from the drop-down list.
• After that fill your username and password and tap on the login button.

PFMS Scholarship Location Search Details

In order to check details of location search please follow the simple step mentioned below: –
• First visit the official website.
• On the homepage, select your state from the drop-down list.
• Type your place name and tap on View Report.
• Details will be displayed on your screen.

Renewal Application For PFMS Scholarship

Applicants who have already applied for a scholarship and want to apply again will have to fill a fresh application form. To fill the renewal form, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:
• Open the official website of PFMS.
• Now you need to go to the login option.
• Tap on the login option and a new page will open.
• After that fill your username and password to log in.
• Click on login option and select renew application form.
• Check the details and update the information in the application form.
• Enter the newly asked information and upload the required documents Submit the application form and take a print out of it for further use.

Precautions while filling the application form

• Check your eligibility before applying for the scheme Remember to fill all the mandatory details in the correct form.
• Fill the registration form details very carefully.
• Upload the document in the given dimension.
• Your bank account must be linked to your Aadhaar card Remember to take a print out of the application form.

Helplines Number Available:

Candidates having doubts regarding the scheme can contact directly through a toll-free number 1800 118 111 or 01123343860. They can also leave an email at
Candidates can also call to the emergency helplines number for their query
1. Mr. Nikhil Sharma: 8700171462
2. Mukul Prasad: 9074153883
3. Mr. Abhishek Rai: 8368423186
4. Mr. Munesh Kumar Sharma: 7417175253




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