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Since April about 15 percent of Delhi government school students have been untraceable as they haven’t attended any online classes as many peoples can’t afford smartphones/laptops. Online classes have evacuated many kids from pursuing a regular curriculum during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the story was handed over to the children and their families living and struggling in the slum, many people come out for their help. He has so far donated equipment including smartphones and a laptop to enable 13 families and continues to support.

Farhana is a single mother who resides in a slum in Delhi’s Trilokpuri with her sons 9-year-old Sameer and 13-year-old Shoaib and was worried about her kids future and have sleepless nights.

She thinks that due to this pandemic and new normal her kids may end up illiterate like her as they had not attended any online class for five months because the family could not afford a smartphone. But soon people have donated smartphones. So that children can attend the online classes, as per NDTV report.

A gardener’s 14-year-old daughter, Aarti. who needed to share the only phone in the house with her siblings. Most of the time she missed the classes. And her father too needed the phone hence they were only able to study once he came back. But now she has her new smartphone which makes her work easier.


Individuals offered to help other such families as well. Up until now, 12 phones and second-hand PC has been given. Activists of the NGO ‘Josh’ which has been helping for a long time for the education kids who live in slums, provided the gadgets to the families.

Bhaskar Bhatt, Product Manager at a Publishing House says he has been accomplishing the alleviation work since the start of the country lockdown and have raised Rs 10.5 lakh through his crowdfunding effort. He is from a middle-class family and attributable to the absence of assets and assets, he was unable to seek after my fantasy about examining reporting. Along these lines, when he began finding out about the children from oppressed families not having the option to proceed with their online investigations as their folks can’t bear the cost of cell phones, he chose to help them as no kid ought to be denied of instruction because of the absence of resources and funds.

One of the Urdu poets, Ankit Gupta have been associated with alleviation work since the very first moment of lockdown and that is the reason he knew about the ground truth of underprivileged families. He has distributed 75 smartphones to the youngsters in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Odisha, and Kanpur.




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