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What is Patta Chitta Document?

Patta is considered as a legitimate document authorized by the Tamil Nadu Government in the name of the legal owner of the estate. A person can obtain the Patta from the concerned person or from the Tahsildar’s office of their district. A patta document comprises the following information: name of the Taluk, Village, and District, name of the owner, Patta document number, subdivision and survey number, quality of land, etc.

What is Patta Chitta Certificate?

It is a land income document retained by the Taluk Office and Village Administration Officer (VAO). A Chitta document furnishes the pertinent information of the owner, size, area, etc. of the field. Most greatly it categorizes the land into punjai (dry land) and nanjai (wetland). As of the year 2015, the Tamil Nadu government does not grant Chitta. The Patta and Chitta document were merged into one single document with all the pertinent elements illustrated in the Patta document.


Online Application for Patta Chitta


After the Patta and Chitta document got integrated into one single document, the government of Tamil Nadu has processed the registration of Patta Chitta online. Persons can follow the below-mentioned steps:


  • Visit the website of Tamil Nadu after you are aware of what is Patta Chitta, the users can access the websites in two languages – Tamil & English.


  • Choose the Patta & Chitta/FMB / TSLR extract and select the area it the district where your land is located. Also, mention the information on the land fir which you need a Patta Chitta. The Patta Chitta will consist of the details including Village, Block & Ward, Taluk, subdivision, and survey number.


  • Upon compliance with the possession of property details, the town survey land registrar will issue a certificate online comprising of relevant details of the land. The certificate will consist of the information related to the municipal four number, type of land, locality, type of construction, survey number, etc.


Online Services on the Mobile Application


In 2018, Ek Palaniswamj the chief minister inaugurated the mobile application called Amma App. This android application enables its users to access Chitta Patta  documents, land certificates on their mobile devices besides a guide for other services.


Tamil Nadu – Patta Services


Since the beginning of the global digitalization, the Indian government has been doing wonders. The word digitalization pertains to the technique of digitizing any important documents in the community relevant to a particular operation. One such digital document issued by the government of the Tamil Nadu government is recognized as the Patta document.



The Patta document comprises of the following information in the document:

  • Name of the Owner

  • The quantity of Patta

  • Subdivision and survey number

  • Name of the district, village, and talk of the owner

  • Area or dimensions of the land

  • Tax Details of the owner

  • Whether the owner’s land is dryland or wetland

  • Chitta land ownership


The income and land data of the owner are displayed in the Chitta record through people. The lands are further divided into the below-mentioned categories:


  • Dryland (Punjai)


  • Wetland (Nanjai)

What all Documents are Required for Applying for Chitta and Patta


People are required to consist of the following documents as per the official website of the Tamil Nadu land records if they want to apply for or want to know how to view Patta Chitta online  documents:-


A deed of sale for confirmation – People are required to submit the initial sale contract along with the photocopy to the concerned office of the tahsildar of the village.


Evidence of Ownership – The candidates are further required to submit designation to substantiate that the land ownership belongs to them. The following documents can be submitted by the owners as proof:


Reimbursed Tax Receipt


Encumbrance certificate


Owner’s electricity bill.


How to Apply for Patta Chitta Document Online


The applicants can follow the below-mentioned steps to apply for their Chitta Patta documents through the online portal:


  1. First, open the official website of the Tamil Nadu revenue service by surveying


  1. Now, after visiting the homepage click on the tab saying view Patta and FMB/Chitta/TSLR extract.


  1. Third, select the following options on the new webpage:-


  • Area type (rural/urban)


  • District


  1. Next, Click on the button reading”Submit”


  1. Now, enter the following details on the next webpage opened on your screen.


  • Taluk


  • District


  • Town


  • Block


  • Ward


  • Sub-division number


  • Survey number


  1. Ultimately, fill in the authentication price


  1. Click on the submit button and you are good to go to pay the Patta and Chitta application fees.


  1. If you are applying to the Chitta Patta document via the official Tamil Nadu State official land record website, then you might need to pay hundreds of amount as the fee through online mode of payment.


How to view Patta Chitta once registered?


If you want to check the status of your application for your Patta Chitta document online then you shall follow the below-mentioned steps:


  • First of all, visit the link –


  • Once you open the website through the link, enter the Captcha values and the application ID.


  • Now, click on the option which reads “get status”


  • As soon as you fulfill the above-mentioned steps, the status of your document as what is Patta Chitta application will be displayed on the screen.

Procedure to validate your Patta Chitta Certificate


If you wish to validate your Chitta Patta Certificate then you must execute the below-mentioned procedure:


  • First, visit the official website.


  • On the webpage of the website detect the tab verify Patta.


  • Enter the reference number on the specified column


  • And now click on the submit button.

How to transfer the Patta Chitta Document


If a person wishes to sell his land or the property and further transfer the tn Patta Chitta documents, then one can follow the below mentioned easy simple steps:


Submit your transfer application to the respective concerned authority or the tahsildar of your district or village.


The transfer applications will be rejected or accepted based on the analysis of the respective authorities and they consist of all the rights to reject or accept the application.


Method to view a registered extraction


  • First, you are required to open the official website to view the registered extract


  • Now from the homepage, you are required to the option which reads “view patta copy/register extract” option.


  • Click on the option which says view a registered extract


  • A new webpage will appear on the screen where you will be required to select Taluka, District, and village.


  • Enter your survey number and further select the subdivision number.


  • Enter the authentication digits mentioned in the image.


  • Click on the submit option and your document will appear on the screen.


The process to know the status of your Application is:


Open the official website if services I.e., patta chitta.


  • From the homepage if the website goes to the tab showing know your application status.


  • Click on the link reading “click here” on the webpage and a new page will appear on the screen.


  • Now enter your application ID of tn Patta Chitta and the captcha value.


  • Click on the option which reads get status and the entire information will appear on the screen.

How to acquire digitalized Patta in Tamil Nadu?


In India, Tamil Nadu is the third state that digitalized it’s land and property records in the year 2008. Andhra Pradesh was the second while Karnataka was the first one to do so. The digitalized procedure is the same as the one followed earlier. However, it has eliminated the requirement for sketching done in olden days.


However, from the year 2011, the Tamil Nadu Government altered the procedure and the latest statutes States that a candidate has to reach the respective village administrator office (VAO) and further submit the online application which will later be conceded by VAO.


In litigations which do not pertain to sub-divisions, applicants need to reach the talk office with their actual certificates and documents for validation and further attain the Patta.


Helpline Number for Patta Document


In case the candidate faces any problem on the online portal, they can reach out at patta chitta.


Is it necessary to have a Patta document?


Yes, Patta document authorizes the ownership of the land or property. Also, if any dispute arises regarding the property, Patta document can be field as a proof against the ownership.

Why are Chitta and Patta extract useful?


Land certificates like Patta and Chitta extract or how to appy for Patta Chitta Adangal as its extract may be needed for several purposes, such as


  • For land ownership verification


  • Required during property registration at the sub-registrar’s office.


  • To know the authenticity of the owner of the land.


  • For applying for a bank loan.


  • For personal motives.


  • Needed in court in case of any civic prosecution.


  • For measuring land units.


  • For various useful resources.


  • Area conversion factors and land conversion factors for all area measurement components used in India.


For example, one can find conversion units for all land area departments in the state of Tamil Nadu – Ground, Cent, Square meter, square feet, Acre, etc.


Land area unit converter


People can use this land territory converter to concert a unit area to another. The certificate covers all the area units which are recognized in India including the several units used in Tamil Nadu – Ground, Acre, Yard, Square Meter, Cent, Square fees, etc.




How to view Patta Chitta Online Status?


Simply log in to the official website and check for the status of your Patta Chitta online after filling in all the details.


For what kind of properties people require Patta?


In respect to unoccupied plots of land area, Patta is mandatory. Patta is the primary certificate in which possession is legally established. Patta is the most significant document for ascertaining legitimate ownership even for land and properties with building nad structures. This document encompasses various other details such as measurement if land and the extent of ownership.


Patta is mainly a document required for land area rather than structures and buildings. The Patta can however posses attributes regarding structures and buildings. If the structure is an apartment, the land is mainly used as undivided shares and Patta document is not eligible to be claimed. However, the Patta document can be claimed in the names of co-owners if required.


How much does it cost to get Patta Chitta Online?


You will be required to pay a nominal fee of Rs 100 to get the tn Patta Chitta record.


What is the customer care number of Patta Chitta?


A customer acknowledgment ID will be created and then you will be able to send your response to patta chitta.



How can one change his/her name in Patta Chitta?


The procedure for changing the name in Patta has to be performed offline, as there is no online procedure listed on the website. One can change the name in your Patta certificate by following the below-mentioned format.


If you wish to change the name on the document, you need to visit the respective Village or Taluk administrative office and obtain the form for Patta transfer.


Submit your signed Patta transfer form along with various other required documents.


The transfer will take 15 to 30 days and after that, the new Patta certificate will be issued to you with the desired changes.


How one can apply for Patta Chitta Adangal online?


Unfortunately, there is no way to apply for how to apply for Patta Chitta Adangal online. One can view the copy of Adangal from the VAO office. You will be required to ask about the how to appy for Patta Chitta Adangal to Thalari.


Can a person check the status of Patta Chitta on a mobile phone?


Yes, a person can open the web page of the website on the smartphone too, next you will be required to enter the requisite details and you are good to go. You can view it and also download it as a pdf on your Android phone.


How to take the print out of Patta Chitta via mobile phone?


You are required to download Patta Chitta or FMB pdf on your mobile phone. Now either move it to your desktop or connecting your documents printer with an internet connection. Now take the print out by clicking on the print button.


This method is certainly one of the best and easiest method to view the Patta Chitta on your phone.



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