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The Hotstar-Disney web series PARIWAR is set in the city of Allahabad (read Prayagraj), the city renowned for its heritage, rivers Sangam, and prominently for its people and their desi language and accent.

The story is about an old amusing person, Kashiram Narayan who is a loving typical dramatic father to three and who wants to have all his children and their families close and around who are otherwise obstinate and ignorant of each other at first and always in a tussle.
Gajaraj Rao has established a style of his own and subtleness with which he plays the role of a father and manages to bring the character to life and lighten our hearts with his soft-spoken, vivid eyes and comical facial expressions. This sets him apart.
The servant of the house Babloo narrates the story to the audience and Kumar Varun has done absolute justice to Babloo.

Each artist in the series pariwar hotstar review is a very talented character and eyeing the star-cast, audience is justified to carry high hopes along.
Yashpal Sharma as Badke and Ranvir Shorey as Chotkey very efficiently brought the relationship of two brothers of a typical middle-class family on to the screen who are competitive with each other and tussle for the inherited property under “vansh aage Badhao, zameen Pao yojana.” YES! You read it right, “The inherited property” which is the 40 acres of land been given for the construction of an Ashram. These 40 acres constitute the entire course of action, dialogues and take the story forward.

This is where my very favourite Vijay Raza aka Gangaram comes into picture who has played innumerous comical characters without a tint of laugh on his own face which is talent in itself. His style of delivering a dialogue, the way he talks, and also especially he walks and simply sneaks into any a scene so effortlessly will let you laugh.

The series kick starts with Kashiram Narayan faking a medical condition using the emotional card to call his kids home and as they arrive and are about to depart again for their respective places, they stay back for the greed of the property which they speculate that their father might just donate. It all revolves around the property clashes, tussles, planning-plotting, and arguments related to the same.

Also, Permanent Roommates fame Nidhi Singh plays a major character of Guddan, daughter of Kashi Narayan who lives and works in America and is the only among the three kids who is not interested in the property but in her father. Nidhi Singh performed well but could not satisfy the character of Guddan really well as per the expectations. Guddan should have been more enthusiastic, energetic and the dialogues could have been delivered more in a full of life kind of style rather than being monotonous and clumsy. Guddan was an average character and so was his love interest Munna aka Abhishek Banerjee who is renowned for taking on dark characters. Munna is a nurse (which he is not very poud of intitally) and also the son of the theater artist and a major Villian/ cheat Gangaram as per Guddan’s brothers. This angle also brings a dramatic situation in the story. Munna and Guddan have a teenage history and there love angle is quite simple, innocent and also unplanned from both their sides.

What If Anju and Manju did not add anything exclusively to the series but they supported other characters really well and did a decent job. The story about how they got married to the quarrelsome brothers and how the couples got swapped is hilarious.

In addition to everyone Piyush Sharama’s Chitrakoot, the multi-tasker first year BSc student, who is a Chat vendor and also a part-time priest deserves an exclusive applaud for his splendid short appearances.

The use of local language and slangs like “antiya diye” for ignoring is good but as a viewer, I expected and wanted more of it. Also in a scene where both the sons thrash their father and criticize him is a bit of the emotional angle. The upset and disheartening expressions on Kashi Narayan’s face will remind you of Baghban but still it remains a far cry from any sort of tear jerkers and in no time it will turn into a similar to baghban but in a comical way and as hilarious as possible kind of situation.

Chotke and Guddan confronting Badke over his betrayal about the power of attorney and kashiram going missing were full of family drama kind of episodes and how the brothers deal with the goons and try to protect each other is all about typical Indian family Goals and it has been portrayed quite well.

Kashiram plays the wit, lays the trap for his sons with an aim to unite them and it turns out to be as planned. Family above everything! They eventually understand the value of family and give up over their greed.
“PARIWAR” Hotstar review will be as a domestic squabble directed by Sagar Ballari who is known for comedies like Bheja fry.

The unexpected entry of Kashiram’s teenage love interest with whom he conversates through letters all the while was a good way to end with, leaving possibilities of taking the story further on maybe another season.

PARIWAR Hotstar review, I would slide it into a must-watch category as all its 6 episodes will give you few good laughs and you will have a good watch in just 6 episodes, none more than 30 mins. Although expectations very comparatively high to what was delivered but a little less would do no harm. Writing, punches, and dialogues could have been better and it could have turned to be more fun but still, the star cast has done a good job and it was a delight to watch.



Gajraj Rao … Kashi Narayan
Vijay Raaz … Gangaram
Yashpal Sharma … Badke (Mahipal)
Ranvir Shorey … Chotke (Shishupal)
Sadiya Siddiqui … Anju (Mandakini)
Anurita Jha … Manju
Nidhi Singh … Guddan
Abhishek Banerjee … Munna
Kumar Varun … Babloo
Piyush Kumar … Chitrakoot
Abhishek Singh … Patwari





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