Panchayat On Amazon Prime: An absolute treat to watch!


Panchayat On Amazon Prime: An absolute treat to watch!

Panchayat on Amazon Prime has already taken its seat on Panchayat Amazon Prime, where are you all?
Jitu bhaiya is here to win our hearts once again.

This is the perfect show in the most imperfect timing. It can be named as savior during the
lockdown. Panchayat is exactly the ray of sunshine we need in these bloomy times.
Here’s another treasure for all the Jeetu bhaiya’s fans. Have you already visited Phulera? If not, how about we go for a short excursion to Phulera.
When you see the first shot of Phulera, you realize that you are in for a ride that is going to be unique, memorable and extraordinary.

However, the village doesn’t offer you to fall in love with the uncertain electricity supply or the regular village life, what Panchayat Amazon Prime is to see if Phulera manages to make Sachiv Ji (Abhishek Tripathi) fall in love with the village or not?

Abhishek Tripathi is hesitant about his vigor to adjust to the rural environment. His friend
Prateek encourages him to set out on a new adventure and experience the ”real India” yet
Abhishek is not prepared for being the Mohan Bhargava of Swades. A concerned and anxious Abhishek moves to Phulera to live in a room appended to the Panchayat office itself and is confronted with a procession of challenges and frustrations.

Panchayat on Amazon Prime has engraved a special occurrence in every episode, introducing a new hardship which seems normal to village people and then displaying how Sachiv
Ji(Abhishek) tackle those difficulties.

In the very first episode of Panchayat on Amazon Prime, Sachiv Ji unveils the ghost behind the haunted tree, later it presents the over-demanding (asshole) groom, followed by the theft of monitor screen of the Panchayat’ office in the third episode and many more. Abhishek finds his way through all of this and manages to add hues in his boring life with the precise same routine every day along with the struggle of preparing for the CAT exam with limited time and electricity power cuts.

Panchayat on Amazon Prime is about Pradhan, her husband who oversees in her place, a deputy Pradhan and an office boy and many other people. The series has an incredible cast of Neena Gupta and Raghubir Yadav who never dishearten even with limited screen time. Faizal Malik and Chandan Roy, the new faces have nailed their roles with the overpowering energy.

Panchayat Amazon Prime captures the excursion of a graduated engineer Abhishek(our very own Jeetu bhaiya), a boy with a lot of expectations from life ends up not getting what he wants, who for lack of alternatives joins as a secretary of a panchayat office in a village named “Phulera”.

Every character is depicted by fabulous actors yet you don’t see the actors, you only see the characters who are telling you their story. A less known fact, the director made an appearance in the third episode of Panchayat Amazon Prime where he himself played the role of the

An intriguing fact that unless you watch Panchayat you can’t realize that you won’t see a
Panchayat session all through the season, however, the journey that the story takes you on is
no different either. A must mentionable fact that the vegetable like(bottle guard) has a special
significance throughout the show. Amazing dialogues, as well as the music, fill in as the cherry on the cake and our Jitu bhaiya is love.

Let’s request Sachiv Ji to ask Pradhan Ji when is the second season coming?
What Panchayat Amazon Prime has is a lot of heart and soul, the feelings it portrays are
nuanced, modest and never exaggerated. It resembles a peaceful breeze on a summer
evening, which will make you smile because it’s beautiful.

The tank famous for making people fall in love with the village somehow manages to take away
Sachiv Ji by its beauty or maybe it was Pradhan Ji’s daughter Rinky who finally showed up in
the last episode of the season.

The village was found lovely toward the end, let’s wait and watch how much love happens in the
second season.

Panchayat on Amazon Prime season 2 along with Sachiv Ji and Rinky are being awaited.
Till then quarantine and chill with Panchayat Amazon Prime.

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