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Learn Digital Marketing is a group on Facebook that provides its group members to learn digital marketing from the most invested minds in digital marketing. Typically, digital marketing is a broad term used for advertising via digital technologies while making use of the internet. Companies are getting higher profitability and return on investments due to the growing popularity of marketing via the internet.

By learning digital marketing, you will get a skill set that will prove to be quite beneficial to one’s career- be it a freelancing job or a full-time one.


  • Statistics reveal that digital marketing, as a field, will experience a rapid increase in job opportunities as it is a rapidly evolving technology. Digital marketing has taken up close to half of the livelihood and the technology trends since the year the 1990s, to date.
  • A multitude of job options along with a huge scope is given by digital marketing. Digital marketing has a lot of opportunities, unlike other fields. One can earn as a freelance Digital Marketer and make an awesome amount of money rather than working at a job. A lot of opportunities are being created for freshers and experienced professionals because of the evolution of digital marketing.
  • By making use of the very commonly used platforms such as blog creation, YouTube, and affiliate marketing, one can easily create their own project. All of these are part of digital marketing.
  • The responsibility of driving good traffic to your website lies on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many others. These applications are also helpful in the advertisement of one’s products.
  • There is no turning back when you shift your focus to digital marketing once. This is because digital marketing makes the tedious task of having a website and letting the audience know about your product or service easy.
  • The demand for people with digital skills, especially the soft skills for those under the income bracket is enormous. One will have a look at the foreseeable future of digital marketing by sticking with the ongoing scope in this area.
  • One will have a lot of exposure to a broad set of skills once they master the top skills for the role of Digital marketer. If you decide to switch to a different specialization, this makes it easy to change your focus later. One is likely to need a little training in order to make the switch if they choose a career path or specialization in the field of Digital marketing and decided to pivot later. It should also be mentioned here that one can work under any specific domain of digital marketing. This helps in making one’s work interesting and keeping their skills sharp. While still earning new skills, you can upgrade existing skills but still stay in the same field. There are plenty of choices and ongoing learning opportunities in this field where different skills fit together in different ways.

But in order to be a part of this group on Facebook, there are certain rules that one must keep in mind.

The admins of the group have set certain rules for the members of the group that must be observed at all times.

  • One should be kind and courteous

According to the admins, all the group members are in this together in creating a welcoming environment. Therefore, everyone should be treated with respect. It is natural to have healthy debates, but in the due course of healthy debates, kindness is an important attribute.

  • Bullying or hate speech of any kind is discouraged

Everyone should feel safe being a part of the group. Any type of bullying is not allowed if one wants to be a part of the Learn Digital Marketing Group. No degrading comments about anyone’s religion, race, creed, caste, sexual orientation, identity, or gender will not be tolerated.

  • No spam or promotions will be entertained

More should be given to the group than taken. Any sort of spam, self-promotion, and irrelevant links are not allowed.

There are some other rules too that have to be followed by all the members of the group:

  • It is not allowed to post any direct link to any website. One must ensure that he/she does not have anything to gain from the information being shared if they want to share something really good.
  • If any video is relevant enough to be shared on the group, then it must be shared directly rather than posting the YouTube link of it.
  • Vacancies can be shared in the weekly job thread, but the posting of job vacancies is not allowed. For any special request in this regard, Harlien or Biswajeeta can be contacted.
  • Any post from your own page should not be posted on the group. All other guidelines must be followed to post them directly.
  • Different posting schedule will be given to posts from the interns, where the schedule will be updated soon.
  • Incomplete queries will not be accepted and one needs to be clear when they ask a query and full details on the issues that they are facing must be shared.
  • One is requested to go through the learning resources that are attached in the ‘Units’ tab of the group if one is very new to the group. All the free interviews and learning videos from Sanjay and Deepak are available there.
  • One may approach people looking out for mentors or as a mentee who have listed themselves under this tab since mentorship is a voluntary program that has been activated in the group.
  • There are some initiatives of the group:

-A round-up post for the top posts seen in the group are made by Uma Madhvi and Bhamini Manjesh.

-A thread is posted every Friday to showcase the newly written blog of the members and the experts give them feedback for improvement.

-Voluntarily, the members post the vacant positions in their company or the ones they stumble upon and the interested members can get in touch with the original poster.

Therefore, if you wish to pursue a career in digital marketing, or you want to learn digital marketing, then this group would prove to be highly helpful to you.





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